Bay Area Catholic for Jan. 21, 2012

Bay Area Catholic PodcastHighlighting this weekend’s show:

  • A roundtable discussion on fatherhood, focusing on a newly released DVD, “Courageous.” – Immaculate Heart Radio founder, Doug Sherman, and family therapist and founder of the Alexander House group converse with Ed about the impact of fathering on the child.
  • Next, in anticipation of today’s 8th Annual Walk For Life West Coast in San Francisco, Ed revisits San Jose Diocese parishioner, Diana Seixas, who has an idea to help make 3D ultrasound of their baby available to expectant mothers who can’t afford this technology which the displays the features of who they may be considering aborting. The idea? Finance the $40,000 machine with baby bottles!
  • Then Ed interviews Tom Peterson, founder of Catholics Come Home – creators of those TV and radio ad and PSA campaigns about the historic contributions of the Church to civilization through two thousand years of history, and why the Church is “worth a second look” by people who have left it. These media campaigns across the country have seen an average of a 10% increase in Mass attendance in those areas.

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