We’re Looking for Bloggers!

We’re Looking for Bloggers!

Immaculate Heart Radio is looking for Volunteer Bloggers and Writers.

If you are a Catholic blogger or writer, and are looking for a new outlet for your creative efforts, Immaculate Heart Radio wants to hear from you.  We are currently seeking volunteer writers to produce one or more stories per week for our website.

Topics can include:

  • Write for Immaculate Heart Radio!Faith and family
  • Raising kids in a secular world
  • Living the Sacramental life
  • Apologetics
  • Catholicism in the real world
  • Vocations
  • Service to others

Ideal candidates will be able to consistently deliver content that our listeners/readers enjoy. This content doesn’t have to be exclusively to Immaculate Heart Radio.  If you have a back catalog of stories that work well into our content niche, we may consider posting some of your old work as well.

Each story will have a full attribute back to your site, and your byline will appear.

Interested?  Great!  Send samples of your writing and a brief letter of introduction  to: content@ihradio.org.