Our Lord’s New Home at Immaculate Heart Radio

Our Lord’s New Home at Immaculate Heart Radio
Bishop Jaime Soto blesses the tabernacle in Immaculate Heart Radio's chapel

Smiles and excitement filled Immaculate Heart Radio’s headquarters as Our Lord entered His new home in the office’s chapel. On May 6th, Bishop Jaime Soto of the Diocese of Sacramento celebrated Mass, blessed the tabernacle and interred the Blessed Sacrament, with about 40 staff and guests  joining in the celebration.

Immaculate Heart Radio’s founder and president, Doug Sherman, said, “We know that our time spent in prayer is the most important work any of us can do to glorify God and support each other as we serve Him through this beautiful instrument of Immaculate Heart Radio.  We now have this available to us in our own chapel with the Blessed Sacrament present in our tabernacle. ”

The beautiful facing of the tabernacle was a gift from the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, whose Development office is directly above Immaculate Heart Radio. The tabernacle was gifted to the Dominican Sisters, but was so damaged when they received it that it was not able to be used. Knowing that Immaculate Heart Radio had a chapel and was looking for a tabernacle, they offered it to Doug Sherman.  Several local craftsmen worked to repair and restore the tabernacle into a beautiful home for Our Lord.

We discovered the process of restoring the tabernacle was very similar to the mission of Immaculate Heart Radio.  There are so many people, living tabernacles, who have been worn down and abused by the world and are in need of restoration. The mission of Immaculate Heart Radio is to take these battered tabernacles and bring them to the Master Restorer, who will make them new creations so that He can dwell in them once again.

As prayer is essential to the success of Immaculate Heart Radio, all staff members spend one hour each week before the Blessed Sacrament in prayer for themselves, their families and the mission of Immaculate Heart Radio. We also love to pray for the special intentions of our listeners, so if you have any special intentions you can e-mail them to office@ihradio.org and we will make sure to bring them before Our Lord.