Changing the World One Bumper Sticker at a Time

Changing the World One Bumper Sticker at a Time

If you live in one of Immaculate Heart Radio’s broadcast areas, chances are you’ve seen a Catholic Radio bumper sticker. Maybe you have one on your own car. It’s fun to see one on the highway or in your parish parking lot and know that there are other people who love listening to Immaculate Heart Radio too. But did you know that these bumper stickers can change lives?

A recent article in the Intermountain Catholic (the newspaper of the Diocese of Salt Lake City) tells the story of Patrick Swain, an agnostic who thought that “God was a riddle I couldn’t wrap my mind around.” Until one day while driving he saw an Immaculate Heart Radio bumper sticker. He was intrigued, turned on the station and was hooked. Swain and his wife, Mickey, started listening to Immaculate Heart Radio as often as possible, and the more they listened the more they learned. Soon they were attending Mass every Sunday, and then entered RCIA at their local parish. They were baptized at the 2010 Easter Vigil at St. Marguerite Parish in Tooele, UT.

Father Ken Vialpando, the priest who gave their RCIA retreat, commented on the power of Immaculate Heart Radio’s bumper stickers:

“I’ve never been one to believe in bumper sticker theology, but I was so amazed with Patrick’s story,” said Fr. Vialpando. “It’s a credit to Patrick, who was open to the will of God, and the radio station, who is witnessing daily around the clock. The owner of that bumper sticker is never going to realize until he or she gets to heaven how he or she was a witness to this family. That will spread like a ripple effect of good news from one generation to the next, to the community of St. Marguerite and the Diocese of Salt Lake City. Patrick is not a nominal Catholic, who has just come into the Church because of a bumper sticker and the radio station itself; he is actively involved.”

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Want to be a witness to your fellow drivers but don’t have an Immaculate Heart Radio bumper sticker? Get yours today! They’re free!