A New Catholic’s Journey to the Church

A New Catholic’s Journey to the Church

Immaculate Heart Radio has lead many people into or back into the Catholic Faith, including a member of our own staff! Kim Britz, our Administrative Director, was fully initiated into the Catholic faith this year at St. John Kim Britz at Easter Vigilthe Baptist in Folsom, CA. Read on to learn about her journey to the Catholic Church.

Tell our listeners a little about yourself.

I am the Administrative Director here at Immaculate Heart Radio and I have 2 sons, Zach and Justin. I was raised in the Bay Area and moved to Sacramento after my oldest son Zach was born, so about 12 years ago. My mom was raised Catholic but left the church after marrying Dad, who I suppose would be an agnostic. We were raised with a lot of the morals of the Catholic faith, but weren’t raised as Catholics; when we went to church it wasn’t a Catholic church.

When did you start working for Immaculate Heart Radio?

I started doing human resources consulting for Immaculate Heart Radio in 2006, helping establish a benefits package and an employee handbook. I started here full-time in May of 2009.

What was your initial reaction, as a non-Catholic, working in an environment where the rosary is said everyday and Mass is celebrated every month?

I found most of the environment was very comfortable. The rosary was completely new. Mass was a little intimidating because the churches I had gone to weren’t Catholic and so I wasn’t familiar with the standing and kneeling and what I was supposed to say. At the same time everyone was really welcoming, and I remember my first Mass I just followed along with one of my co-workers. I always enjoyed listening to Fr. Daniel’s homilies and reflections after Mass and so that made the rest a little easier to get comfortable with.

Tell us a little bit about your journey into the Catholic Church. What made you want to become Catholic?

I felt very comfortable here and found that a lot of my morals and values and belief systems were very in line with the Church. David Hornbek (Director of Donor & Community Relations) gave me more insight into the Church, which reaffirmed the decision that I had already been leaning toward. He didn’t realize it , but it was just through conversations we would have that I gained some great insights. He and his wife, Kristine, actually ended up being my sponsors.

Being a single mom, and especially since I have a child who is going into his teenage years, it was important for me to reinforce my morals and belief system with them. I felt this was a need that my children were lacking, and so they are going through RCIC (Rite of Christian Initiation for Children) and will be baptized next year. It’s been amazing watching my kids go through this experience. Zach went and watched the Stations of the Cross and was so interested in the history behind it. It’s been very touching watching them go through it and the impact it’s having in a more kid-like way.

What was your experience going through RCIA?

I loved the education behind a lot of the traditions. They explained the Mass and broke down a lot of the prayers and explained a lot of the background of why the Church is the way it is and does the things it does. That was helpful to get some background and understanding. I was able to bring some of that into my work and I was also able to contribute in class things that I had learned at work. It was very unique experience to work in this environment and go to classes and learn things on my own, so it led to a much better understanding of the Church.

Did you choose a patron saint?

I picked St. Brigid because of her compassion. It wasn’t required for the ceremony, but I wanted to have one just in case, so I did some research and was really drawn to her compassion.

What were you feeling at the Easter Vigil when you were actually initiated into the Church?

Easter Vigil was very surreal , it was almost like a wedding and there were so many things going on and so it really didn’t hit me until after the Confirmation. It’s a lot like a wedding, or any ceremony, where you are so excited and nervous and there’s so much going on but right after you can kind of sit and reflect on it.

After the ceremony, my mom gave me my grandmother’s rosary. My great-grandmother had brought it over from Italy and it was blessed by Pope Pius XII. My grandmother was a very devout Catholic and actually tried to have me  baptized when I was young. She passed away when I was 5 and it really felt like things had been brought full circle and I feel like I now have a deeper connection with her. It was very touching.

Please join us in welcoming Kim into our Catholic family!



  1. christine says:

    Immaculate Heart Radio has been a great boon to our society. Keep up the great work you are doing and let us all pray there will be a station in the Los Angeles area.

  2. Susan says:

    I am so happy for you, Kim! God Bless you and your boys. I’m so excited for them!

  3. Kathleen says:

    Welcome Home Kim. I just happened to come across your story and it brought me to tears when you mentioned your grandmothers rosary. How has your journey home affected your mother? Has she reconcilled with her Catholic faith now? May God bless you and your family and may your faith continue to grow and reach out to others.

  4. Christina says:

    Congratulations and welcome home! Thank you for sharing your story. May God bless you and shower you with His grace! It is so great to be Catholic 🙂

  5. Tony says:

    I always like conversion stories like yours. I grew up a cradle catholic in Asia and went to a state College where non-catholic Christians tried to recruit us to their denomination. I tried to counter act them thru debates which ended up us being enemies. When my Spiritual Director learned about this he advised me to treat them with love and compassion. He said that many great Catholics were converts from Protestants which I didn’t at first believe until I came here to the Bay Area and heard of IH Radio and their stories of conversions such as yours. I felt sorry for what I said to them during those heated arguments about our differences. It made me humble when I learned how hard for them to come and embrace the fullness of faith. Really, your story makes me feel closer to Jesus.

  6. Magie says:

    Thank you Kim for sharing your story. I enjoyed it, especially towards the end whene you rec’d the rosary from your grandmother. God Bless You and your loved one +

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