Update on Fr. Corapi

Update on Fr. Corapi

A message from Doug Sherman, President of Immaculate Heart Radio, regarding Father Corapi:

You may have heard recently that Father John Corapi has been placed on ‘administrative leave’ from his ministry, due to allegations made by a former employee. We at Immaculate Heart Radio have been monitoring this situation very closely from the beginning, and have corresponded with episcopal advisors, canon lawyers, and directly with Fr. Corapi and believe that Father Corapi is innocent of these charges, until proven otherwise.  It is our hope and prayer this investigation will be concluded quickly and positively.

Recently, Fr. Corapi told me, that he thinks it would be best for us to temporarily suspend his programming until this matter is resolved.  This advice is also consistent with current counsel that we have received from some of our episcopal advisors, and so we have decided to suspend his programming for now.

Fr. Corapi also told me how much he appreciates the support and prayers of our listeners and he fully expects to be exonerated of these allegations.  Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

– Doug Sherman, President of Immaculate Heart Radio

On this subject, Father Corapi has stated:

Father Corapi’s Statement Regarding Allegations

On Ash Wednesday I learned that a former employee sent a three-page letter to several bishops accusing me of everything from drug addiction to multiple sexual exploits with her and several other adult women. There seems to no longer be the need for a complaint to be deemed “credible” in order for Church authorities to pull the trigger on the Church’s procedure, which was in recent years crafted to respond to cases of the sexual abuse of minors. I am not accused of that, but it seems, once again, that they now don’t have to deem the complaint to be credible or not, and it is being applied broadly to respond to all complaints. I have been placed on “administrative leave” as the result of this.

I’ll certainly cooperate with the process, but personally believe that it is seriously flawed, and is tantamount to treating the priest as guilty “just in case”, then through the process determining if he is innocent. The resultant damage to the accused is immediate, irreparable, and serious, especially for someone like myself, since I am so well known. I am not alone in this assessment, as multiple canon lawyers and civil and criminal attorneys have stated publicly that the procedure does grave damage to the accused from the outset, regardless of rhetoric denying this, and has little regard for any form of meaningful due process.

All of the allegations in the complaint are false, and I ask you to pray for all concerned.

We ask at this time to pray for Fr. Corapi, and for a successful resolution to this issue.  We invite you to leave words of encouragement for Father Corapi below.  Please note that spam and other inappropriate comments may be edited or removed.



  1. Orlinie Velasquez says:

    This is so disappointing and I pray that this will be resolved soon. I listen to you Father Corapi daily and your word is so sincere. I pray that God will carry you through this. Keep the Faith and we hope that you will return to serving our Lord with your spiritual words that have taught me so much. May God Bless you and don’t give up. As you say “this is an attack on the church”. I am praying for you!

  2. Michelle Bishop says:

    Thank you for all you do. I listen to you reguarly and you give my spirit truth and strengthen my faith. I am very sad that you are going through this. I know you and believe you’re innocent. You’re in our prayers. God will Prevail!

    -The Bishop Family

  3. CHERYL OIEN says:


  4. Nancy Piercy says:

    I am praying for you Father Corapi. May the warmth of God’s love surroung you and keep you strong. Your daily radio program has been a source of education, encouragement and inspiration and I pray for a speedy exoneration of your good name.

  5. Dorothea Smith says:

    This affects the entire Body of Christ. So many (millions?) of us are fed daily through your lessons that are direct in the Truth. You are in our prayers, that this situation is quickly resolved so that you can again resume your vocational calling to serve God’s people. I pray also for your accuser, she needs prayers and of course, repentance. May God bless you abundantly. May Mary, Our Mother intercede for you… Immaculate Heart of Mary, we trust in you. Jesus, we trust in You.

  6. Lisa says:

    I am so dissapointed and saddened by this decision. Father Corapi’s messages have gotten me through some very trying times. So often his teachings gave me the strength to stick with it and keep moving forward. If ever I don’t “feel” like saying my rosary, I remember him saying “just do it”! Thank you, Father Corapi, for all you do. I prayerfully look forward to your return to the air waves.

  7. Scott Ballantyne says:

    I appreciate the decision IH Radio has made in regards to Fr. Corapi. I can only image how difficult this was. I also commend Fr. Corapi,himself,for suggesting that his programs be suspended.
    Having said all that, I have be so blessd in many ways by Fr. Corapi’s teachings. I am a convert and now realize how insufficient my catechisis was. And it wasn’t too long before I left the Church. Several years ago I became a revert – thanks be to God.
    Fr. Corapi’s teaching has filled in so many gaps in my former instruction.

    I too pray for all involved and for a speedy resolution of this matter.

  8. Scott Ballantyne says:

    I am so embarrassed! In rereading my post, I noticed that I had misspelled Fr. Corapi’s name leaving out the “o”. This was not intentional, I assure you. Please forgive me for any discomfort my mistake may have caused you.

  9. Ann Ivan says:

    After Fr. Coropi is cleared of these charges, which I believe he will be, I hope he learns to be more humble in his public talks and stops gloating over his past life with “women, wealth, Hollywood connections and illegal substances”. We are sick of hearing about it and he should be ashamed of that life and leave it in the past. His accuser is using this information against him and he is responsible for puttin it out there as if he still has some attachment and delight in this past.

  10. Fr. Corapi as you said, ‘We are in this Spiritual Battle daily’. The enemy has succeeded in temporarily wounding you. Only TEMPORARILY. Our Mother in combat boots IS with you guiding you and constantly protecting you. She’ll see you through as you carry this heavy cross. Rest assured that as you NEVER abandoned your fellow clergy and religious when they were down, WE WILL NEVER ABANDON YOU! AS PRAYER WARRIORS, YOU HAVE OUR CONSTANT DAILY PRAYERS OF ROSARIES, SACRIFICES, AND DAILY MASSES, and ADORATION with JESUS in the Blessed Sacrament. REJOICE! CHRIST IS RISEN! Just as HE HAS RISEN, you too WILL rise again from this and continue with the Good Fight until the end when JESUS WILL SAY “Well done my good and faithful servant. Enter into my Father’s house” GOD BLESS YOU FR. CORAPI. WE LOVE YOU W/THE LOVE OF GOD! HOLY SPIRIT GUIDE YOU IN ALL YOU SAY AND DO.

  11. J. O'Keeffe says:

    Fr. Michael Sullivan, J.C.L. released a statement last month in which he stated: “Several Catholic media sources have removed Fr. Corapi from their outlets. This is over and above what is required by canon law and the Dallas Norms. Nothing in the order placing Father Corapi on administrative leave precludes distribution of previously recorded materials.”

    There is no just reason to remove Fr. Corapi’s programming from your airwaves.

  12. Noel S. says:

    Father Corapi,

    You are the reason why my faith in Jesus and His Church is as strong as it is now. God has used you as His instrument to effect this change in me. And He still uses you in this trying time you are going through. I am praying for you constantly, imploring the help of our Mother. I truly believe Christ and His Church shall prevail. Thanks for your messages, and for continually being one of the underpinnings of the Church militant here on earth.

    God bless you Father,

    Noel S.

  13. Eileen Holleran says:

    Fr. Corapi, Thank you for your tireless efforts to re-catechise millions of Catholics and introduce the Faith to millions more.
    I was raised a Cathlic by a wonderful family, have always attended Mass and prayed. I have to say, however, it wasn’t until I listened to you on a regular basis, that I felt re-energized in my faith. I am currently on the 5th day of a Novena for special intentions for my family and friends. Although I haven’t met you in person, I consider you part of my friends/family and have included your intentions in this Novena.
    I am saddened that I won’t be able to listen to you on IHR. However, if it is your wish to be temporarily removed from the air, I’m sure it was with a heavy heart that Doug agreed to your request. I’m sure it is out of your deep respect for Church authority that you made this decision, with the expectation that you will return to the air quickly when this matter is resolved.
    As soon as this is resolved, please return to your friends here in Sacramento. It was through them that I first heard of you. Ironically, I somehow missed your talks when you did your teaching series here on the Catechism of the Catholic Church. I know I write for thousands from the Sacramento area in asking that you visit us and speak at one of our churches as soon as this matter is resolved. We need your no-nonsense approach more than ever this year as one disaster after another befalls our nation and world. As God’s humble servant, you help remind us to rely on the intercession of our Blessed Mother to point the way to her Son and the healing love of Christ.
    By the way, I deeply appreciate the humility it takes for you to recount your past mistakes, brokenness and subsequent return to the faith. Millions have joined and returned to the Church because of your story. Many may never have come back otherwise, thinking they were too “bad” to associate with the “perfect” Catholics. You constantly remind them/us that we have a loving Father, one that is always ready to welcome us back, no matter what. Don’t ever stop reminding us, Fr. Corapi.
    And please don’t forget my request that you return here to Sacramento to those who love you. You won’t be able to find a church or hall (but don’t let that stop you!) that will contain all the people who will come to hear the message that we need to repent and return to Jesus. Stay strong and know that you are loved, Fr Corapi.

  14. Bonnie Sornberger says:

    I have been very impressed with Father Corapi’s talks over the years however I too believe he has a somewhat pompous arrogant attitude and would do well to humble himself before the Lord. I will pray for you Father that you will be exonerated.

  15. Connie says:

    Stike the shepherd and you scatter the sheep. You used this analogy to illustrate one of the tactics in the spiritual war of evil that we are all encountering in this day and age. However, Christ has risen and out of destruction will come goodness. I will pray that God uses your suffering for His glory.

  16. Bonnie Wright says:

    Dear Fr. Corapi; Like so many others my husband and I are very saddened to hear this story about you. The first time I ever heard you was from a free cd from catholic radio. We listened to you on a road trip down to see my son who is in prison. His life spun out of control with drugs and he was in an accident and two people died. He is now paying for his mistakes and regrets very minute of it. I sent him two of your cd’s. One was your testimony and the other about the addictions. He has since shared those cd’s with other inmates trying to get your wonderful words of wisdom out to as many as he can. My husband and I love you and we both believe in you. God Bless you and out prayers are with you always, Bonnie Wright.

  17. Marie Messex says:

    If I were instrumental in leading just one person to God,Iwould be so thankful. Father Corapi has led thousands to God and his Church.He could be reaching many more people,plus helping us in our dailey battle against evil.In this day and age with so much evil we need all the help we can get.I feel there is much harm in not leting these messages be heard. The most impotant thing is Gods’ Word. It must be heard and Father Corapi does a very good job. I am praying for you.

  18. Elaine McVey says:

    Dear Fr. Corapi, I miss seeing and hearing you on EWTN. You are such a inspiration to me and so many others. I have grown so much in my faith because of you. You are so missed and I pray for your return. May God Bless You, Elaine

  19. Karin Boston says:

    I fully support Fr Corapi. He influenced me strongly in my journey converting to the Church. Because of his great influence and high profile in the Catholic world, some people with an agenda to ruin someone comes out. I’m certain that the masses of people who KNOW Fr Corapi for the holy person he is would never believe such things ever. Hopefully this will resolve quickly. I will pray for that.

  20. stella says:

    Peace be with you, Father. You gave me the courage to give my life to God a few years ago. When I listened to your story, I didn’t her any bragging or anything like that. What I saw was a lot of courage to tell the whole world what your past life was like. You gave me courage because I thought if God could take you back and make what he did of you, then surely God loves me too! You are on my daily prayer list and I know we will be hearing from you again. Many Prayers are with you ! Be safe!

  21. Lilia Constable says:

    Dear Father Corapi, I’m so sadden to hear you are being “persecuted”. I’m equally sadden to not be able to hear your message everyday. Your messages have been part of the rediscovery of my Catholic faith. You are a strong man of faith. You are an inspiration to those of us who have fallen into sin and felt there was no turn back. May the Lord guide you in these hard times. May the Lord softer the hearts of those who persecute you. Truth will prevail, because God is truth. God bless you,

  22. Jim Lavin says:

    God Bless you Father Corapi – You are an amazing person and your “talks” have been a huge inspiration to me and countless others. God Bless you. You are in my prayers.

  23. John says:

    I’ll have my family pray for you Father Corapi. You’re an inspiring individual with the power to get the true word of God out to millions in a manner that strikes at the heart of the evil one. This, I believe is why you’re being attacked. Keep up the fight father–never surrender. God bless Father

  24. Lori Brown says:

    Dearest Fr. Corapi,

    It is sad and difficult to see such an injustice here, that not only you are being punished before being investigated, but that the Faithful and those who are searching are also being deprived of your critically needed loving, caring and courageous guidance. That said, God is using this situation and suffering for a positive impact where it is needed most,I’m confident in that. In the meantime, I miss listening to you, tremendously, and pray for you each day at the time I would normally hear you. Thank you so much for all you do!

  25. Joe says:

    Hi All

    There are a lot of very encouraging replies on this thread for Fr Corapi. First, I’d like to thank IHR for playing Fr. Corapi’s content all through the season of Lent. When other media outlets were suspending Fr. Corapi, IHR approached the issue prudently seeking council and withholding action until they had all the information to make a proper decision. Even Fr. Corapi agreed that a quiet period is the best course until he can be exonerated. Because IHR acted prudently keeping Fr. Corapi on-air during Lent, numerous souls may have turned away from darkness.

    For those who disagree with Father’s style, it may not appeal to you but it might have appeal to someone who deep in sin and lost. Sr. Anne Shields might not appeal to hardened souls, but Fr. Corapi can, and I think that is his gift.

    We cannot see all ends. God certainly allowed this to happen for a greater good. Perhaps when he is exonerated, it will give the Bishop’s pause to reconsider their rules for suspension. Perhaps IHR’s reasoned approach will give other members of the Catholic media an example of how to behave in the future. Maybe now we will find the courage to stand by our priests until all the evidence has been reviewed. Perhaps it will give Father a much needed rest and a chance to work on his prayer life.

    I am very optimistic that this will have a happy and very edifying ending. Until then he is innocent until proven otherwise.

  26. Beth says:

    I concur with Joe on all accounts! Fr. Corapi is a large part of the reason I’m considering returning to the Church. It is a shame he is currently enduring such a trial and I look forward to the day when his lectures will resume on your programming. God bless you all!

  27. Lucia Pires says:

    I was shocked, then saddened to hear this news in regards to Father Corapi. He is an inspiration in his teachings and is one of the reasons why I have grown so much more in my faith more recently. Unfortunately, we ARE in a spiritual war and this is what fallout looks like, however, stand fast in your faith father, for He will defend you always and you will rise above this. Good shall prevail in this matter. My prayers for you will be constant until this matter is resolved and you have returned to our airwaves. God Bless and keep you always.

  28. Mary Ellen DeBord says:

    Good versus evil (eternal life versus death) so clearly revealed on Divine Mercy Sunday: 1. the front page of the WSJ showed the Blessing of Pope John Paul II while 2. the front page of the PJS showed Osama Bin Laden. Pope John Paul II lived the lesson of forgiveness and mercy and showed us all the mystery of God’s love. While Bin Laden lived a life of death. God’s messages of forgiveness and mercy were being trumpted from the heavens while Bin Laden was being lowered silently into his watery grave. As the Pope’s would be assasin repented and was saved we pray Fr. Corapi’s accusor too will receive his forgiveness and mercy and reveal the mystery of God’s love. God is speaking loudly with trumpets! He uses only the best.

  29. Mike says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with everything Joe so eloquently expressed, and keep all involved in my prayers.

  30. Marcia Brown Castro says:

    I was deeply sadden to find out yesterday that IHM was no longer airing Father Corapi. I live alone, my car has been broke for 6 months. I am 63 years old and have had 2 back surgeries. I live nearly 3 miles from church, and some of the streets have no sidewalks.I have no one to take me to and from mass. Catholic radio and EWTN have kept me going. I used to sit with notebook, bible and pen in hand, when listening to Father Corapi.I learned so much plus it jarred my memory of what I had learned in the past. I was lucky enough to have had a wonderful elementary Catholic school education through the Sisters of Notre Dame. Unfortunately 25 years later there were only 2 nuns left to teach and my children had poor catechises.I certainly hope and pray that this investigation process, and that of all priest wrongfully accused will be just and swift. I pray too that Father Corapi will return renewed by the fire of the Holy Spirit and ready to tell it like it is-no matter who likes it or not! Immaculate Heart of Mary I put all my trust in you! Jesus I trust in you!

  31. Fr. Corapi I miss hearing you @ 9am and 5pm. I know I can buy your talks @ Fathercorapi.com or Santacruzmedia. I never did before because you were already on Immaculate Heart Radio but now I’ll have to. God Bless You! I KNOW you’ll be back on the air soon…..in God’s time. A greater good will come out of this as you have taught us. Persevere Fr.! God Bless You Abundantly!

  32. Irma Cabrales says:

    I Thank God for you Father Corapi. You’ve showed me the love of Christ through our daily cross. I believe in you and I believe God is permitting this attack of the devil for some reason unknown to us but I remember you told us that “God reserves the most sufferings to His best friends” and I’m sure you are one of his dearest. Thank you for your wonderful testimony. Listening to you makes my heart yearn for God. I will be praying for a successful resolution to this matter. May God be with you and bless you!.

  33. Francisco Rivera-Guerrero says:

    Father John, Jesus Christ is the beacon of light to whom we all look towards for salvation. You have helped bring this wonderful news to my life and the lives of many. I pray for all parties involved in this terrible situation. I ask the God Of Abraham, through his only son Jesus Christ and our Holy Mother Mary to aid you in this time of tribulation. I have witnessed first hand what redemptive suffering is all about. You truly are a shining example of this and I want you to know I am with you until the end. God Bless you and I hope to hear you on the radio soon!

  34. David Tucker says:

    Isaiah 50:7..I have set my face like flint, and I know I will not be put to shame.

    You are in my prayers. Thank you for sharing your gifts. I cannot wait to hear you speak the Truth of Jesus Christ again soon.

    Dave Tucker

  35. Rosanne M McCaslin says:

    Fr. Corapi, my father used to listen to you before the Lord called him. He used to tell me to listen to you…it took me awhile, but once I started, I wanted to continue to hear what you have to say.
    Your message is straight-up, to the point. You have led me to a much closer relationship with my Heavenly Father. Now my sons are starting to listen to you and that is blessing in itself. Thank you for all of your guidance…my prayers are with you. Please hurry back as we miss you. God Bless you…

  36. Dear Fr. Corapi, May God protect you from despair and stress that this is causing you. I listen you faithfully and due to your outspokenness I can understand that evil would work on smearing your integrity. Isn’t that they way of the world, now. And I’m sure that there is professional jealousy of you, too. Your voice is so very valuable in the world today. With this break that you have to take, may you strengthen your resolve to teach and preach to all of us.

    May Jesus comfort and Bless you.
    Susan Edelmayer

  37. Elizabeth Bobick says:

    Father Corapi, You have always been such an inspiration to me. I am sorry that you have to go through this. I will keep you in my prayers and hope to hear your voice on IHR soon. Keep the Faith and God bless you.

  38. I will miss Father Corapi. He is strait to the point and tells the Truth. A true messenger of God. My prayers are with him and even his accusers. He is a voice needed in times like these. May God have mercy on all of us. Don’t give up keep praying. Gabe

  39. Irma Stachura says:

    As you so often put it, this is just another attack by the evil one.
    God and good will always prevail. I just heard about this on IM radio.
    You are a very good priest and nothing will harm you. This is a test by Our Lord.

    You have been in millions of homes via radio and EWTN. All are
    praying for you.
    You will be especially in my prayers and holy hours on Fridays. God bless you. In Christ,
    Irma stachura

  40. Cecilia Montoya says:

    I once said to a friend, “You know my mother – May She Rest In Peace – used to say – The devil never sleeps – when things went wrong or bad things happened. But I like my friends response, “That may be true, but God never sleeps either!” I know that our good Lord did not say, “Trust In Me,” to Sister Faustina just to hear himself talk. So I say to you, “Trust in Our Lord!” Go one with your life serving Him in all ways as you have always done. No matter what the outcome, you have saved my soul and that counts for something when you stand before God and He says, “Well done my good and faithful servant!” God Bless you and thank you for all you have done to get us to think about our actions here on earth. As you say, “AT THE END. FOREVER, WE WILL EITHER BE IN HEAVEN OR IN HELL – PERIOD!”

  41. Gloria Sokhn says:

    Father Corapi, I am saddened by this news and pray that you will overcome all the false accusations against you. You say the truth so strongly and clearly that I understand so many teachings of christ and his church. Your voice is like how I would imagine the voice of John the Baptist had been. I will pray that our lord Jesus Christ will give you strength and hold you in his hands of mercy and set you free from the evil of false accusations. We miss you and pray that we will hear your voice soon.

  42. John Waid says:

    I am so sorry for this. Fr. Corapi’s lectures are the high point of my morning. (He would probably say that he would hate to see what the rest of my day was like.) I live in a small parish with a wonderful priest, but we have limited Catholic educational resources. Father is not only erudite and full of good historial and theological information, he is a powerful speaker and often just plain fun to listen to. I have the strong feeling I would like him if I ever got to meet him. I am a convert of 20 years and have learned so much about my faith from Father (and the other educational shows like Open Line and Catholic Answers). The radio ministry is so important.

    I commend IHR for continuing to carry his program. I am happy (if that’s the right word) to see that the impetus to take his program down primarily comes from him and not from outside pressure or the cowardice of station management. Father is paying for the inaction of the church leadership when the allegations of priestly abuse first surfaced ten years ago. In covering their six, the church seems to be raining on the very people on whom it depends to carry out its mission — its priests. This may be the Year of the Priest, but that sure doesn’t get them any consideration when the church’s hind parts are in a sling.

    I hope Father can take some comfort in knowing that this tribulation is only a clear manifestation of how effective he has been over the last 15 years. If he weren’t so effective, the devil would not be testing him in this way. It is awful that our modern society gives more credence to the mean and spiteful than it does to the people out in front for the betterment of society.

    As to the respondent who said he was tired of hearing about Father’s past life, all I can say is “Father, rave on!” Father knows whereof he speaks. He knows of the seductions of the high life. He also knows of the fall that it inevitably brings. That is one reason why he is so powerful. He is not speaking out of a book or the lives of the saints or something. He personally knows that the wages of sin are death. He also holds himself up as an example of the power of God’s grace. If God can raise up such a miserable sinner as John Corapi and not only bring him out of the darkness he created for himself but also give him the strength to lead us as well, think of what God can do for us. There is no better person to advise us as to what awaits sinners than someone who has been there.

    Rock on, Father. May God forgive your accuser and bring you back to your flock soon.

  43. John Waid says:

    You want to support Father? Buy his CD’s,DVD’s, and books. Bring him into your home whenever you wish. If his sales spike, it will show the world how much we love and value him. Even if the church’s leaders are cowards, we can show them how much we believe in Father. Talk is cheap. Put your money where your mouth is.


    HEBREWS 13,5


  45. Jose Luis Linares-Diaz says:

    Father Corapi, from far-away Seville (Spain, EU) I send a moved salute to you. I am not surprised at your being slandered in such a malign way. Attacking the Catholic Church is very much in fashion these days and you make a fine target to aim at! You have said “pray for all concerned”, OK, I’ll pray for you, but not for the slanderers, let them pray for themselves, they’ll need it. God bless you and come back soon.

  46. Bonnie Sima says:

    Dear Father Corapi:
    My husband and all of his family are catholics. His mother is now 89 years old and she is house bound. She heard of the ETWN broadcast a few years ago and wanted very much to have cable for this reason.

    She now watches this station constantly (and I really mean constantly!). My husband and I also got cable at the same time.

    Well one night Joe (my husband) had this station on and you were speaking. I came in from the kitchen and started to watch with him. I am a Seventh-day Adventist Christian and I am used to seeing ours and other faiths on TV. After I listened to you I turned to my husband and said “If your faith had had someone like you along time ago, there would be many more catholics that would be able explain the reason for their faith.”

    I know that you love Jesus very much, as do the rest of His flock.
    And I know that His sheep hear His voice and follows Him where ever He goes. You have many prayers going before our Heavenly Father for justice for you. Remember, as I know you do, that He has you in the palm of His hand and you are under His wing, safely abiding forever.

    We are praying to Jesus for you also.

  47. Paulette Gaffney says:

    Father Corapi – I recently came back to the church after being away for 20 some years and discovered IHR…then discovered you.

    I was so saddened when I heard on Monday that your program has been temporarily suspended and the circumstances surrounding it.

    Your programs always deliver a message that seem like they are just for me…but I’ll bet everyone who listens says the same. I really love how you tell it like it is and interject pieces from your life experiences. Your delivery is powerful, fun and I always look forward to the next day.

    Sending you prayers and peace. Have a blessed and abundant day.

  48. marge says:

    Dear Father: Be assured of my continuing prayers, especially during my holy hours of adoration, for you and in thanksgiving for God’s continued providence in all that concerns you as His beloved son.

  49. Dear Fr. Corapi: My heart is really heavy! I’m sure that yours is even heavier! I miss your teachings on ewtn and once I found it on this radio station, I was over joyed. Now to find that even they are suspending your programs is leaving a very big void in my soul. I pray for you daily when the rosary is done on ewtn. I look forward to the day when I can hear you once again telling us of the love of Jesus Christ and how we can carry that love to all the world. I will continue to pray for you and the ending of this Good Friday, so we can get on to Easter. Blessings

  50. Marissa Simmer says:

    Dear Father- Praying for you to keep strong and faithful. The Truth will prevail. My mother always told me satan loves to stir things up especially during Lent because he knows we are all trying to be better, more loving, contemplative, fasting and prayerful during Lent. He hates it.That’s why bad things happen during Lent. We know and trust you will be exonerated of these false charges.
    God Bless you

  51. Ethel Grimes says:

    Father, I am a Catholic convert of 18 years and am still growing in my faith. Your radio and TV shows have been a source of strength and inspiration and I am sad for this situation. I believe you are innocent, and will pray for you and the accuser (s). Remember that Our Lord was also accused falsely and ask Him to help you through this trial, while uniting it to His Passion. I remember how you said in one of your shows how we cannot escape the Cross but we must bear itn for only then can we gain the Crown. May Christ and His Blessed Mother give you peace and courage and bring you back to us soon. God Bless You.

  52. Sadeer says:

    Father we are praying for you!! We even have a facebook group called “Pray for Fr. Corapi.” I will be asking St. Michael the Archangel to pray for you!

  53. Ron Emory says:

    Fr. Corapi- You are such a blessing to me and so many others.I am sorry you are having to go through this.I am praying for a swift resolution to this nonsense and that the truth will be revealed.God Bless You and keep you strong!

  54. Rick Guzman says:

    My heart goes out to you Fr. Corapi. I, too, was falsely accused of a gravely inappropriate behavior. It sent me to prison for 10 days for absolutely no sensible reason.
    I was holding my 4-year-old daughter while she sat, playing in a tree. I wanted to be careful that she did not fall to the ground and get hurt. Some neighbor called 911 and irresponsibly and grossly innaccurately stated I was molesting my child. Police arrested me. It cost me thousands of dollars to end the accusations and to get out of jail.
    My reputation is ruined all over the Internet. This is how the sloppy system currently operates.

  55. Margaret says:

    Father Corapi:
    I miss your articulate, convincing manner of speaking on radio or TV on so many subjects. Many of us at parish level hear only what the homilist thinks we want to hear–watered down version of moral issues on which our salvation depends. For example, the evil of abortion–the killing of live, developing unborn infants in the womb. You, on the other hand “tell it like it is” — Murder, pure and simple. I hope and pray that you will soon be back to tell it like it is!! We need you; your series on the Catechism of the Catholic Church is invaluable.
    Know that many thousands are praying for a just decision from those who would falsely accuse you. Jesus Himself is your model of TRUTH, which will prevail!!

  56. Toni Serra/Sun City AZ says:

    Having just read through all responses to this point, what could I possibly add. It has all been said. Good to note only one accuser who obviously totally misses the point of your conversion. As you always so wonderfully and faithfully say, “No pain, no gain…no Cross, no CROWN”. Your crown will be one of the most beautiful in all Heaven.
    You are in my prayers for a speedy resolution to this garbage from the enemy. Jesus knew not to say anything back to His accusers, as they wouldn’t believe Him anyway. The most important thing to remember is He is the ONLY judge that matters, and Holy Mother (in her month of May especially) is not going to leave her son John Corapi alone when she is the one who called him out of the gutter to begin with.
    So God Be With you Fr. Corapi, my fellow New Yorker, for He truly is our only strength.

  57. Shannon R says:

    What a shock for all who hear of these allegations. I pray for your exoneration. I also pray the accuser will recant their statement in order for you to avoid further public judgement. May God Bless You as you have blessed so many.

  58. Sandy says:

    I’ve been praying for you regularly since I first heard of these accusations and I’ll continue especially during my hour of Adoration. Keep strong. Eat healthy. Remember God is with you holding your hand through out this trial and His Blessed Mother is likely on the other side saying “hold on” Love you, miss your talks. I’ve learned a lot from you. God’s peace be with you.

  59. Rose Hatcher says:

    Father Corapi, I will be praying for a swift & just conclusion to this case. Of course I don’t know any details and don’t care to hear about them. I believe that priests are being unjustly accused in this day and age because of people taking advantage of our recent “bad press”. I also believe the devil is very much in favor of continuing to harm and tear away at believers. He is laughing and hoping that this will steer more people away from the Holy Catholic Church. We need to be strong. We need to stand up for our religion and for our priests. And of course, we need to pray for our priests. God bless you in these trials (no pun intended). I will miss your show very much. Me & my mom like to discuss your shows and we’ll miss that. Again, God bless you.

  60. Shauna Shipley says:

    Fr. Corapi has been an incredible blessing to my family and myself over the last couple of years that we’ve followed his radio shows. He brings our faith down from the pulpit showing us the redemptive power in the love of our Lord! Thank you Father. You are always in our prayers!
    Shauna Shipley

  61. Dear Father Corapi,

    I am a Christian, not Catholic, and began listening to Immaculate Heart Radio about one month ago. I have gained strength from Immaculate Heart and your teaching. God got me out of and away from a dark place that is not possible to get out of, or away from, by any natural force or human effort. It seems to me that God’s enemies tried to destroy your body, your mind, your soul, and were unsuccessful. It also seems to me that God took what was meant for evil and used it for good. Now your reputation is under assault. I listen to a Jewish radio personality. As I understand his teaching the destruction of a man’s reputation is akin to murder. Character assassination is certainly no small thing. You are in my prayers. May God grant you every bit of strength that you need and some extra. May the presence of His Spirit be tangible to you and an abiding source of peace in this storm.

  62. Jeanette Burdi says:

    I pray that Father Corapi is getting peaceful sleep and is taking care of his health….the followers
    of Father will surely do there part ..in prayer for his return….please be assured Father ….the love
    of God will always come out on top of the evil one…as you have said many times everything happens
    for a reason…. may the.Spirit be with you always….


  63. J. says:

    God be with you and this time of trial…..I miss you on EWTN….I pray for you all the time
    Father….be strong…remember Job….God gives us want we need not what we want.


  64. Debbie says:


    I miss you wise counsel so much and I pray for your return as soon as possible. I also pray for your accuser, as her allegations hurt not only you, but those who depend on you every day to get through hard times. I look forward to hearing your distinctive voice again soon.

    In Christ,

  65. Mrs. Tafolla says:

    Dear Father Corapi,
    I’m so sorry to hear what has happened. My prayers are with you.
    You have a great gift. You inspire us,to want to become a better person.You remove the blindfold from our eyes, and help us to see what has always been there. I came to know your name by chance, I was driving and changing radio stations, when I heard your voice,
    and something you said made me want to listen. I pray and I quote,
    “Then will I teach transgressors thy ways; and sinners shall be converted unto thee” Stay Strong!

  66. miguel coblentz says:

    Father Corapi, Satan is always looking at how to strike the shepherd so that he may scatter the flock. You know that God sees all things and will bring the truth to the light, your reputation is not dependent on what men think but only on what God knows. I for one do not think you are guilty of any wrong doing and coming from a similar background I know your faith and commitment to our Lord. Because once He shows us that pearl of great wealth we sell everything to poses Him,in this is profound truth that the Lord grants to those who seek him.I pray that you keep your head up high and know that we your family are with you no matter what stay strong complete your ministry and the upward call of Christ.

  67. Joyce says:

    Dear Father,

    You have been, and still are, such a great inspiration to me. In these troubled times it is almost impossible to find a spiritual advisor. I found one in you. I am praying for you and please remember, God chastises those he loves. You and other falsy accused priests are truly the Simons of Cyrene who are helping Jesus carry his cross. Much love and thanks to you. God bless.

  68. Teresa Ruiz-Hernandez/Merced, California says:

    My Dearest Father Corapi,
    I listen to you often as I drive, and every time I listen, the topic you are teaching on, always seems perfectly appropriate for my family’s situation. It’s always exactly what family and I are in need of that day. And so I go home, inpired, and share! Thank you Holy Spirit! I know that although this may sound strange, but I can’t recall any particular radio show or anything that really stands out. What I can say is that I am a little bit holier because through you the Holy Spirit speaks and my spirit understands a little more. I can truly say that I have laughed and cried with you. And so I cry with you still but know that we will all once again laugh. Together in spirit, one FAMILIA!

  69. Salvador says:

    Dear Father Corapi,
    WOW! it all strarted on Ash Wednesday? This is your Lent! This is your Cross! Father, I know that our brothers and sisters in Christ reading this would agree with me saying,” We will help you carry your cross! We love you! we are with you! you are not alone! our prayers are with you!” Acts 5:34-42,” Rejoice! for you have been found worthy to suffer dishonor for the sake of the Name which is above all name, Jesus!” Never stop teaching and proclaiming the Messiah, Jesus! You are our priest forever. My family is praying for you. Yours in Christ

  70. Dear Father Corapi,
    It is because of you that my life changed for the better, and made me an avid viewer of EWTN. I’m deeply saddened by your absence from the show, but understand you must follow the rules of the church. My wish was to personally attend one of your lectures, and I was finally able to when you were in Buffalo,NY. I have all your videos, and continue to use them to enhance my faith. I believe in your innocence, but whether the accusations are true or false, is truly irregardless. The main fact is that Jesus taught us to hate the sin, but to love the sinner. No one is free from sin, except Our Lord, and Our Blessed Mother. So for those that believe they are pious and righteous, and may something negative about your upsetting situation, let them cast the first stone. I Love You, Believe in You, and Pray for You. When all is said and done, God will say to you, “Welcome to my home, my Good and Faithful Servant”. God Bless you!……….Linda Colandrea

  71. Nick says:

    Dear Father,

    What an extraordinary opportunity for sainthood! I was devastated
    to hear the news. My immediate reaction was that they’re only
    accusations. I will ask our Blessed Mother and Padre Pio to intercede for you. Both of them know what it is to suffer and to be obedient.
    Padre Pio had to go twenty years without saying Mass publicly (OUCH).

    May God give you the Grace to forgive and most importantly pray for
    your accusers. May He also give you the Grace to persevere
    Blessed are those who are persecuted for My Name sake.
    May the peace of Christ be with you.

  72. Chadwick says:

    If it was not for you, and Mother Angelica, and EWTN I (and many like me) would still be lost in the dark….away from the church, You spoke to my heart at a time in my life when I really needed it. I’m sure the devil is loving this, Hitting you now at this time in your life….but you and I both know, he has already lost and can never win as long as there are preist in the world like you…..He is scared of you and this is his little way of TRYING to get you down from the pulpit because you were/are saving souls.
    This is just a bump in the long road Father We all love you and stand by you no matter what!
    Thank you Father John.

  73. Andrea Edwards says:

    Dear Father Corapi, I know you are innocent. I so very much miss your very honest, no nonsense teachings. I was baptized Easter 2010 at age 75yr. I was led to God and the Catholic Church by EWTN. I am following God’s teachings and God always sends me the messages I need at the right time, through you. I too, went through many yrs.sinning and finally saw the light, like you. I will continue praying for you and the people who were led by Satan to accuse you of things you didn’t do. Obviously, you do a great job of getting under Satan’s skin. When you get back, keep up your great works. God Bless You.

  74. Catherine Shuyama says:

    Fr. Corapi,
    Praying and offering sacrifices for your situation so truth will triumph (quickly) for the glory and honor of Our Lord!
    Thank you for being Our Lady’s soldier and helping us train for spiritual battle. We need you to keep training us and to pray for us!

  75. Bob says:

    Father – We need you back on the front line. Keep those boots laced and barrel clean for when the call comes…

  76. Eddy Mulyono says:

    Dear Fr. Corapi,

    You were a great part of my reversion. Thank you.

    Know of my prayers for you and all concerned.

  77. Alberto Boccino says:

    Dear Fr. Corapi,

    Satan the ‘Master Strategist, Father of Lies and Murderer from the Beginning’ couldn’t get to you by means of a full frontal attack,
    so he has stealthily entered through the ‘back door’ – a part of his End Game as you would put it.

    But fear not Father because you not only have a squadron praying for you, you indeed have a whole army.
    You are an exemplary Drill Sargeant and have drilled into us the Doctrine of The Catholic Church with military precision.

    You have also taught that if you get knocked down you must get back up again. Sometimes you need help to do this.
    I can assure you that together with all your other ‘children’ much penance, fasting and unceasing prayer is being

    offered for you in this sad moment and lowpoint in your life. We also pray for the accuser as you have constantly taught us to do.
    You have been injured in Battle – SO WHAT! Nobody knows better than you that you must carry on fighting, and if God is with you

    who can be against you: The Media? The Pro-Abortionists? Some Schizofrenic Politicians? The Liberal Theologians inside our own
    Church? – What’s new! You are already familiar with these enemies so don’t lose hope even if they have raised the bar.

    Their strategy is not unknown to you; ‘Kill the Shepherd, scatter the sheep’. Through the Teaching of Jesus Christ you have trained
    your flock to erase the word ‘scatter’ from our vocabulary, so we don’t even know what this word means!

    We eagerly await your comeback which no doubt will be SPECTACULAR! For sure you must now be praying to Our Blessed Lady
    who has always been there for you, I can assure you that thousands of Rosaries are being offered for you every day.

    Remember this Father; not only does ‘YOUR MAMA WEAR COMBAT BOOTS’ she is at this very moment polishing them and
    preparing to do Battle!

    your devoted children in Christ,
    Alberto & Cherry Boccino

  78. Angie says:

    Fr. Corapi,

    You are in my prayers during this trying time.

    The devil is at work! But be strong and remember Padre Pio and Cardinal Bernadin were both accused of similar terrible infirmities. Forgive and pray for your accuser — I know it will be difficult, but you can do it. You so much trust in Mother Mary and the Almighty God and his Trinity.

    “This too shall come to pass”.

  79. Alberto Boccino says:


    O Purest Creature, O Holy Mother
    reach out to help, our injured brother,
    holding You high, right from the start
    faithfully trusting, Your Immaculate Heart.

    He said the safe way, to reach Your Son
    is to go through You, O Sweetest One,
    if Your loving hands, receive our prayer
    Jesus Your Son, will gladly share.

    Please ask Your Son, to end this fight
    and release our brother, from his plight.
    Descend and break, into his tomb
    then guard him safely, in Your Womb.

    Help Mrs. Corapi, give her a cuddle
    she served You well, You’re her role model.
    Remember she gave, her son to you
    please give her Yours, He’ll pull her through.

    Father John’s accuser, needs help as well
    to choose Your Heaven, instead of Hell.
    Help her to repent, take her slander back
    so we’ll say these words, “Father John Welcome Back.”

    O Queen of twelve stars, with Moon under Your feet
    give Father John victory, send his foes to defeat,
    unlock ‘Johnny’s’ chains, so the world hears him say:

  80. AnneMari says:

    Dear Fr. Corapi,
    I am sor sorry to hear about the current trials you are faced with. I offer you, the accuser, and all involved my prayers for a speedy process leading to your innocence. I pray the accused will repent and withdraw her statements. I pray that your listeners continue to have faith in your distinguished character and will continue to open their hearts to the word of God. I pray God give you strength, joy, hope, and fill your heart with thanksgiving even in this difficult time.
    May the LORD bless you and keep you all of the days of your life.

  81. Len Zazick says:

    Dear Fr Corapi,

    Thank you for your powerful Catholic teaching. Indeed there are many excellent priests in our parishes that provide us with the inspiration and knowledge we need to live good Catholic lives. However, just as Bishop Shean was able to reach broader audiences in the past, I believe your ministry is absolutely essential in helping to strenthen and expand the Catholic population of today’s world. I cannot thank you enough for your dedication. I pray that God will help reslove this issue quickly so that you may go on with your work as soon as possible. May the love of Jesus fill the hearts of all involved in this process.

    Len Zazick

  82. Alberto Boccino says:

    Dear Father John what can I do, to help you with your Cross?

    I think I heard you whisper, “Don’t ask me ask The Boss.”

    You taught so well about The Son, I’ve really come to know Him,

    so I asked Him how to help you, and He said “Write John a poem”

    … so I did, hoping it lifts your Cross by an inch (35 Verses)


    F A T H E R C O R A P I …. DOWN BUT NOT OUT !! (a tribute poem to you) [part 1]


    1) Your style is so unique, perhaps thanks to your mother,

    when she finished with one rosary, she’d just start with another.

    She knew something back then, now you surely can’t refute,

    That Our Loving Heavenly Mama, still wears the Combat Boots!

    2) You left to find your fortune, but you were warned before

    when Uncle Tony prophesied, his famous ‘two by four’

    but it would hit you later, yes ‘right between the eyes’,

    big cities don’t just have big lights, they also have big lies.

    3) Ferraris, ladies, drugs … yes life was oh so good

    and all the cops could say was, “Please open-up the hood”

    The start of twenty pagan years, then in a hospital cell

    one foot on a banana peel, the other one in Hell.

    4) You achieved the American Dream, but in the end you lost,

    the price was so expensive, your Soul would be the cost.

    Ex-millionaire and homeless, searching the gutters of L. A.

    as you looked through restaurant windows, without a dime to pay.

    5) You killed your conscience long before, no guilt and no remorse,

    and now only a miracle, could save you from this curse.

    Your ‘friends’ all jumped the sinking ship, some for worse and some for better

    except one sweet old lady, so you wrote your mum a letter.

    6) When you opened mum’s reply, you saw her little card

    trying to remember that Hail Mary, boy that was just too hard.

    She also sent an air-line ticket, making sure it was one-way

    and being as wise as a serpent, she sent no cash that day.

    7) You felt safe to be back home, but things were still not right

    forgetting the Hail Mary, must have given you a fright.

    But soon you would be saying, one Hail Mary after another

    as you realised that no house, was safer than your mother’s.

    8) She could leave her back door open, there was no need to lock it

    her rosary in her right hand, in her left her ‘magic bucket’,

    bringing back the Holy Water, Hail Marys still repeating

    if the Devil ever showed up there, he sure would take a beating!

    9) You read right through the Scriptures, but you knew there was much more

    as the Voice of Conscience spoke to you, “Let’s settle some old scores.”

    “Go with mum for the Sacrament … of Reconciliation,

    then make your declaration, about your new Vocation.”

    10) Just like the Prodigal Son, this day was such a feast

    As you poured out all your sins, to that patient aged Priest.

    But when you told him of your plans, a silence filled the air,

    he rocked so fast he almost fell, right off his rocking chair.

    11) Your sensitivity-training, was not practiced on that man

    you well and truly shocked him, about your Priestly Plans,

    between rare moments of belief, he’d give a gentle nod

    then stuttered… “All things are possible, with The Almighty God!”

    12) You encountered many problems, en route to your White Collar

    like when you had to find a fee, but short eight thousand dollars

    “Immaculate Heart of Mary, I place all my trust in You”

    one thousand times each day you prayed, and man she pulled you through.

    13) When you entered Seminary, some folks were not so nice,

    some only taught the things they liked, instead of teaching Christ.

    So you made a promise to Our Lord, though you were passed your youth

    To only preach what Christ did, that is ‘In your face truth’!

    14) You made your way to Europe, and settled down in Spain

    proceeding to polish the interlect, while shining-up the brain,

    the language made things hard to grasp, then your body was in pain,

    “This is all too much you gasped, it’s driving me insane.”

    15) So you phoned up Father Jim and said, “You gotta get me home,

    this suffering is too much for me, and I’m feeling so alone.”

    “Just remind me John the Theme you chose, was it The Cross of Jesus?”

    The phone went dead you got the point…. yes ‘Suffering’ was your Thesis!

    16) On returning home from Spain, with more than one Degree

    it was tempting just to talk about, I-myself-and-me

    but St. Teresa’s words soon echoed back, her Humble Gift to you,

    “God if you treat your friends like this, that’s why You have so few”

    17) By now you truly learned, that Education is not ‘our way’

    and we only increase in Wisdom, as we decrease to Yarweh,

    but so many Theologians, who don’t have this Humility

    proceed to educate themselves, right into imbecility!

    18) When time for your first Sermon, finally came around

    You gasped “Hold on one minute, this place is my home town!

    Where’s the nearest exit, I gotta get out fast

    these folks are gonna gossip, and they all know my past.”


  83. Alberto Boccino says:

    Fr. Corapi Poem [part 2]

    19) The Parish Priest then asked you, to keep it pretty smooth,

    he had to raise a million bucks, to build a bran new roof.

    You remembered what your granma said, “Johnny just offer it up”

    so you walked right to the Pulpit, and there you Drank your Cup.

    20) Then you blasted all the walls, from the floor up to the ceiling,

    the Priest now started sweating, sheer panic he was feeling

    his face went white as snow, he looked like he would choke,

    as he watched his planned new roof, go up in a pile of smoke!

    21) At the end you started thinking, “My God what have I done?”

    but they all shook your hand, as they left one by one.

    You were charged with The Holy Spirit, and not once did you wince,

    see you convinced the brethren… because you were convinced.

    22) Now some people fail to Listen, they’re happy just to Hear

    and gossip from the Media, makes the Message more unclear,

    so you embarked on a mission, after observing all these signs

    that if God’s Word did not sink in, you might repeat it sixteen times!

    23) Flying around for so many miles, made you a frequent flier

    and sales of all your dvds, were also climbing higher,

    for most of us Lapsed Catholics, you succeeded to clear the smoke,

    Bishop Sheen was surely helping, you recycled all his jokes!

    24) Your ‘Corapified’ brand of humour, was so Spiritually Infused,

    each talk seemed far too short, as you kept us so amused.

    But you never failed to emphasize, that message in your story,

    it went something like this – “If there’s No Gaul…No Glory!”

    25) “No Cross No Crown” was something else, quite rightly you repeated,

    “Try and Gain without the Pain, and you will surely be defeated.”

    Yes I learned just like the rest, that I cannot do it ‘my way’,

    Easter Day on any calander, is preceded by Good Friday.

    26) ‘You Religious Fanatic!’was only, one of your many names,

    but the one that made you laugh, was ‘The Unblocker of my Drains’

    “Praise be to Father Corapi, the Roda Router of my Soul!”

    I’m sure that man was broken once….you helped to make him whole.

    27) Then that honest old lady, she said she knew your ‘greatest gift’

    intrigued you asked “What might that be?”…. eyebrows began to lift.

    “Well you don’t give a big fat rat’s … (word censored) you-know-what

    if unbelievers like the Truth… of Jesus Christ or not!”

    28) You preached about Abortion, a woman’s ‘right to choose’

    that if we abuse our freedom, then our freedom we will lose.

    By allowing Satan judicial robes, and to take The Supreme Court

    we assumed that we can box with God, but are arms are far too short.

    29) You raged about this heinous crime, in almost all your missions

    and warned the Catholic voters, about ‘Catholic’ politicians,

    they’re so luke-warm and vote pro-choice, to stay sweet with the Media

    then queue-up at the Altar Rail… now that is Schizophrenia!

    30) You may now be wondering why, I seem such a devout fan

    it’s because you turned this luke-warm boy, into a faithful man.

    You convinced me that God’s Mercy, can outweigh any Sin

    and that Satan is a Liar, because in the end we win.

    31) For thirty years after being confirmed, my Faith did not advance,

    so then God put you on TV, when I heard your words by chance:

    “If we knew what we had in The Church, no-one would ever leave”,

    the Holy Ghost spoke to my heart, now it was open to receive.

    32) When you came into my life, it was the year my father died,

    I heard you say that God Our Father, would never leave my side.

    Now seven years have passed since then, and I’ve seen all your stuff

    but because you preach the Word of God, I can never get enough.

    33) I know I speak for many , ‘Father John please hurry back

    we know you’ll be a stronger man, after this cowardly attack,

    we’re all praying for you Father, and may it be God’s Will

    that you return like Pope JohnPaul, another Shepherd they couldn’t kill’.

    34) The best advice we give you, is to watch your dvds

    to remind yourself Grace is at work, now that you are on your knees,

    that you’re a General in God’s Army, and though wounded now in action

    take courage and follow your command…“Surrender Is Not An Option!”

    35) We end with this Prayer to The Father, The Son and Holy Spirit:

    ‘Please let St. Michael lead this Battle, we know that He will win it,

    please save our injured brother, but Let Your Will Be Done

    so he can bring more Souls to You….by clicking fathercorapi.com’


    Alberto Boccino – London, UK – bert455@msn.com

    The poem is a mixture of Father’s quotes, stories, examples, humour, life – but most of all his Witness to Hope.

    Please feel free to omit any of the content if it detracts from Fr. Corapi in any way,

    or to correct any grammatical errors. If any one wants to display this in any way, as long as it

    pleases Father Corapi himself, it would be a great honour for me to be associated with his

    speedy return, the world is a poorer place at this moment.

  84. Vonderhaar family says:

    Dear fr.corapi as fans of your ewtn show we all miss you and pray that st. Michael will protect you in your battle. We continue to pray the rosary for your successful return.

  85. Alicia Baca says:

    Dear Fr. Corapi, by listening to your words of encouragement you have helped me to become stronger in my faith. I can’t believe these allegations. I will continue to pray for you and i hope this all goes away soon. You have so many people on your side!! You are truly missed..

  86. Tanoan Tracy says:

    Fr. Corapi, My husband and I just love you, and are so disappointed to have heard about these allegations against you. Your radio show is absolutely inspiring and is truly missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, and all concerned so that truth and justice will reign.

  87. Mary G says:

    I have a feeling these allegations are false. Father Corapi just doesn’t strike me as that stupid. Anyway, I agree this is the work of Satan…however, God has allowed it..for whatever reason. Please remember that as you pray for all involved. I hope he gets back on EWTN very soon…I miss his telecasts. In the meantime, check out Father Mitch Pacwa on EWTN. His telecast last night of “Threshold of Hope” was very well done. I’m praying for you Father Corapi…keep the faith.

  88. John Dove says:

    I just learned from Facebook of these horrible lies that are being brought against Father Corapi. I am not a practicing Catholic but there has been one person who has kept me from totally turning away from the church and this is Father Corapi. His wonderful God sent words have comforted me and kept me believing that God does love me and has not turned his back on me. I will now pray for him every day until this ordeal is over and the truth is brought to light. Satan always attacks those who help others and who bring truth to the forefront. Father, I love you and know this too shall pass. You will be stronger and will influence so many more because of this and your stand for the truth. God bless you dear Father Corapi.

  89. Dear Father, J.M.J.
    I love you and hope that this time of wicked unfair trial goes quickly and you are soon vindicated. I believe you are truly a heaven sent Priest. There must be a reason for Satan to rear his ugly head at this time. I hope these accusations are crushed quickly, but know many prayers are with YOU

  90. Maria Chavez says:

    I agree with Nick.

    What an opportunity for sainthood.
    I am praying for you!

  91. Maria Chavez says:

    Father, please keep praying for all of us.

    We need you and we need everyone posting here.

    John Dove, please keep praying and don’t give up. Father Corapi will be back to keep us all on our toes. 🙂

  92. Nancy says:

    Fr. I am sick with sadness. I only found your radio show a few months ago and have been in search of it for days. Finally, hear this sad, sad, news and want you to know you are in my prayers. I do think they are being over cautious on this due to years of sweeping the pedophile priests under the rug. I am hoping you plant your feet and fight this with all the support an honorable Catholic priest should have from the Church. My prayers are with you that the Holy Spirit comforts you, and that peace comes soon because you are deeply missed. Such a wonderful witness you are to God’s message.


  93. Br. Max says:

    Dear ProLife Friends of Fr. Corapi, in Christ:
    If you would like to listen to a pro-life recording of Fr. Corapi speaking with Fr. Frank Pavone and a Eucharist-adoring, Rosary-praying priest, please send me an e-mail at max@brothersofpeace.org, and I’ll send you this free mp3
    Peace for Life,
    Br. Max J Connolly

  94. Claire Wilder says:

    Dear Father Corapi,I have been praying the “911” prayers and the St. Pio prayer to the Sacred Heart, along with several novenas and rosaries for you and your accuser, mother, staff, and superiors. Tomorrow I will be offering mass for you. Hopefully, all these prayers from all of us, will storm heaven on your behalf and a speedy and just decision will be made. Be strong as you have preached to us. We know the last chapter of the book. We win.
    God be with you always. May our Lady of the lilacs shelter you.
    Claire, Nevada

  95. Kristen Hruby says:

    Dear Father Corapi,
    Your words have brought great comfort and strength to our family during a time of great need. We will be praying for you in your time of need. My our Lord’s Holy Mother give you courage and consolation.

  96. Gina Brown says:

    To our dear Father Corapi and his Family:
    We pray for you on this Feast of the first appearance of Our Lady of Fatima. We love you, and we know your hearts. Our daily Rosary will be dedicated to a swift end to this horrible situation. Please be strong. We, your humble students, want our Professor of the Holy Spirit to know that Our Lady’s Reinforcements (the Catholic families dedicated to serving Our Lady to further her Son’s Message) are here to pray for you. The Holy Spirit is so strong in you- what a difference you have made in our family’s lives. Thank you for everything you have done to broadcast The Word, and for the faith and strength that we will witness and receive from your endurance through this trial. Your pain is ours as well. But as you say your mother says, “We know how the Book ends.” You will be vindicated. God Bless You!

  97. Dave Bakke says:

    Father Corapi… we sent you a postcard from W.S.S., MT. We look forward to the day you are exonerated from the charges set against you, and hopefully one day we can visit you up in Kalispell. My Dad and I would love to take you fishing after this is all over with…

  98. Alyson Voltmer says:

    Father Corapi,

    I was so sad to hear of these horrible allegations and miss hearing you very much on the radio. The Holy Spirit has taught me so much through you and has helped me grow exponentially in the Faith. I love your bold and unassuming way of preaching. I am praying that these allegations are lifted quickly and this is all over for you.

  99. Don Ferry says:

    i fully trust in Father and i’ll add my prayers that he will very soon be proven innocent. As others have said including father himself. Satin is in his glory. No priests no eucharist and no church. In the end he will survive. God is with him now and always.

  100. Teresa v says:

    Dear Fr. Corapi I believe the suffering that you are enduring is so valuable for the conversion of sinners that Jesus reserved uniquely for you

  101. Ella says:

    Dearest Father Corapi, My family’s prayers are with you in this time. Reminds of a little of Christ’s 40 days in the desert. . . Temptation is so evil. Pray. . . there will be a resolution, and most assuredly it will be positive. . .
    My father who is 90 IS undoubtedly your biggest fan. . His prayers night and day are with you.
    Please remain steadfast and continue your undue/unjust suffering to wipe out Satan. . . HE MUST GO. . . NOT YOU!!!
    God Bless You and keep you safe. . .

  102. Shelly Ann says:

    Be strong in faith, Fr. Corapi. You have my prayers for exonoration. Remember to read Cardinal Bernadin’s “Gift of Peace”. He knows about betrayal and forgiveness. The truth has it’s way of coming out. I will pray for your accuser, also.
    God Bless.

  103. Jim says:

    Fr. Corapi,

    I will pray for you that God will protect you, guide you with his wisdom and keep you in his love always. I will pray for all involved that truth and justice will prevail.

  104. Sophie says:

    Dear Fr.Corapi you in my prayers evry day.Be sure that Good and Loving God will protect and guide you.Just Trust Him and His Blessed Mother whom you love so much.
    I maself go through painfol time with my son (he is an alcoholik )
    God be with you,be strong in GOD

  105. Carlos R says:

    Dear Fr. Corapi. I pray for you that God give you strength. We believe trials make us stronger and even though they are difficult and painful, God brings greater good out of them. Yes they are hard to take but we have been through trials many times and even though they are very undesirable, they bring us closer to Jesus. You know from experience, as I have heard you talk, that great trials bring us greatly closer to God. Your trials have helped many others turn to God during difficult times. If you have these trials it is also to help many more be inspired to have a greater love for God. May God strengthen you and increase your love and trust in him even more. Praise be to Jesus.

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