Why I’m Catholic – Taylor Marshall

“It is impossible to be just to the Catholic Church. The moment men cease to pull against it they feel a tug towards it. The moment they cease to shout it down they begin to listen to it with pleasure. The moment they try to be fair to it they begin to be fond of it. But when that affection has passed a certain point it begins to take on the tragic and menacing grandeur of a great love affair.”
– GK Chesterton

This week on Why I’m Catholic, our guest Taylor Marshall reveals his journey an Episcopal priest to the Catholic Church. Taylor and his wife were received into the Catholic Church by Bishop Kevin Vann of Fort Worth on May 23, 2006. Taylor is the author of The Crucified Rabbi – Judaism and the Origins of Catholic Christianity (October, 2009) and The Catholic Perspective on Paul (Fall 2010). He was also formerly the Assistant Director of the Catholic Information Center in Washington, D.C., where he lectured regularly.

Taylor Marshall

He is currently a Ph.D. student in Philosophy at the University of Dallas focusing on the Natural Law theory of Saint Thomas Aquinas. He is a graduate of Texas A&M University (BA, Philosophy) Westminster Theological Seminary (MAR, Systematic Theology), Nashotah Theological House (Certificate in Anglican Studies), and the University of Dallas (MA, Philosophy).

Taylor and his wife live in Dallas, Texas with their five children. He blogs at: taylormarshall.com

In case you missed it… last week’s guest was Sister Rosalind Moss! From a Jewish background, a former Evangelical Protestant, now well-known Hebrew Catholic apologist and Founder Daughters of Mary, Mother of Our Hope, you can hear Sr. Rosalind Moss’s incredible conversion story on the Immaculate Heart Radio audio archives. In her own words, Sr. Rosalind describes her story in her biography Honey from the Rock.

“I began this story with my initial response as a Jewish girl to a news item in the 1960s about nuns’ habits being shortened. Now I’ll come full circle and tell you that forty years later (forty seems to be God’s favorite figure in the preparation of His people!)—if Messiah grants the desires which He, I believe, has planted in this Hebrew-Catholic heart—I long to restore the years the locusts have eaten with an order of Sisters that will not only return their hemline to the floor, but the habit—as the glorious sign to God that it is—to the world!”

To hear Sr. Rosalind’s inspiring journey to the Catholic faith visit http://ihrarchive.org/ and click on the Why I’m Catholic show on Friday, February 4, 2011.

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