Streaming Audio F.A.Q.

What kind of software do I need to listen in?

98% of users should be able to enjoy our flash player automatically with no problems at all. If you wish to use your own player to listen, we have tested the following players.

Please use the appropriate links on the listen page to listen to your stream.

How fast does my Internet connection need to be?

You can listen to our audio stream with a 48 Kbps connection. That means that if you have a dialup connection, you may not be able to listen very well.

Can I listen to archives of the programs I hear?

Yes, you can listen to archives of Gift of Life, Why I’m Catholic and our local Bishop’s Hours…  We encourage you to download the shows and share them with family and friends.

Unfortunately, Immaculate Heart Radio cannot archive most of the other programming we transmit. The reason for this is because the majority of our programming comes from networks such as EWTN, Ave Maria Radio and others. These various networks have their programming copyrighted, and because of that we are not able to record it for your later listening enjoyment.

My computer doesn’t know what to do with either of your stream links?

The easiest way to enjoy our streaming audio is to listen via the browser.  This requires Adobe Flash which is found on 98% of Windows and Mac PCs.  If  you have a media player and it won’t open automatically when you click on the link from the Listen page, you can try to manually enter the links into your media player. On most media players, you can open a link to a stream. You may need to consult the media player’s help information to do this.

Raw stream information per player:

  • Windows Media Player –
  • Real Audio Player –
  • Winamp –
  • iTunes –
  • VLC –
  • Other Players –
    This is the last resort. If this doesn’t work, pleas contact us. (See below)

No Matter what I try, I can’t hear anything?

If  you’re not able to hear anything, including no sound from the flash player, but you can hear other radio stations, (i.e. you know that streaming works on your computer) the issue may be related to a firewall.  In December 2009, we changed streaming providers which changed the port number for our stream.  (Different ports allow the same computer to serve different types of data from the same internet address).

If you’re having problems while at work, this issue with ports will most-likely be what’s causing your problem. Our main stream currently operates on port 9200 and our New Mexico stream operates on port 9202.  If your organization has a firewall, these ports may be blocked to prevent incoming traffic.  You may have to ask your IT department to open the ports for you.

If the ports are open and you are confident that there is something wrong, please contact us.

Who do I contact if I’m having problems?

If you have any difficulty getting our streaming programming working correctly, please feel free to contact us at our administrative offices.

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