Phoenix Schedule

Please note: all times are local to Phoenix

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
12:00AM Women of Grace (Encore) The Patrick Madrid Show (Hour 1 – Encore) The Great Adventure Bible Study 12:00AM
12:30AM 12:30AM
1:00AM Life on the Rock (Encore) The Patrick Madrid Show (Hour 2 – Encore) Celtic Connections 1:00AM
1:30AM 1:30AM
2:00AM The World Over (Encore) The Patrick Madrid Show (Hour 3 – Encore) Life on the Rock (Encore) 2:00AM
2:30AM 2:30AM
3:00AM Defending Life Catholic Answers Live – Encore The Choices We Face 3:00AM
3:30AM Holy Rosary   3:30AM
4:00AM Life and Money Right Here, Right Now with Chris Aubert Threshold of Hope 4:00AM
4:30AM Crossing the Goal 4:30AM
5:00AM Celtic Connections The Journey Home 5:00AM
5:30AM 5:30AM
6:00AM Mass (from EWTN Chapel) Fire on Earth / Sr. Ann Shields  Mass (from EWTN Chapel) 6:00AM
6:30AM Rosary Fr. Scalon and Dana 6:30AM
7:00AM Truth & Life Audio Bible The Patrick Madrid Show (Hour 1) Life is Worth Living 7:00AM
7:30AM Rosary Fr. Scalon and Dana Rosary Fr. Scalon and Dana 7:30AM
8:00AM Mother of All Peoples Formerly The Triumph The Patrick Madrid Show (Hour 2) The World Over (Encore) 8:00AM
8:30AM 8:30AM
9:00AM Register Radio The Patrick Madrid Show (Hour 3) The Catholic Business Hour 9:00AM
9:30AM Light of the East 9:30AM
10:00AM Mass (from EWTN Chapel) (Encore) The Phil Sandoval Show Reasons for Faith (Live) 10:00AM
10:30AM 10:30AM
11:00AM Defending Life The Bishop’s Hour Catholic Conversation The Phil Sandoval Show (Hour 2) St. Joseph Radio Presents 11:00AM
11:30AM Vatican Radio Weekend 11:30AM
12:00PM Mary’s Touch The Terry Barber and Jesse Romero Show Living the Faith The Good Fight 12:00PM
12:30PM Life is Worth Living 12:30PM
1:00PM Life on the Rock (Encore) Fire on Earth / Sr. Ann Shields 1:00PM
1:30PM Radio Family Rosary 1:30PM
2:00PM Divine Mercy Chaplet Right Here, Right Now with Chris Aubert Divine Mercy Chaplet 2:00PM
2:30PM Rosary Fr.Scalon and Dana Rosary Fr. Scalon and Dana 2:30PM
3:00PM The Journey Home Right Here, Right Now with Chris Aubert (Hour 2) Vocation Boom 3:00PM
3:30PM 3:30PM
4:00PM SundayBenediction Catholic Answers Live Life and Money 4:00PM
4:30PM Crossing the Goal Defending Life 4:30PM
5:00PM Web of Faith 2.0 Register Radio 5:00PM
5:30PM Truth & Life Audio Bible 5:30PM
6:00PM Sunday Night Prime The Joe Sikorra Show (Hour 1) Celtic Connections 6:00PM
6:30PM 6:30PM
7:00PM The Choices We Face (Encore) The Joe Sikorra Show (Hour 2) G.K. Chesterton 7:00PM
7:30PM Truth & Life Audio Bible Vatican Insider 7:30PM
8:00PM Top of the Week Right Here, Right Now with Chris Aubert The Catholic Business Hour (Encore) 8:00PM
8:30PM 8:30PM
9:00PM Holy Rosary Fire on Earth / Sr. Ann Shields The Bishop’s Hour (Encore) Fire on Earth / Sr. Ann Shields Holy Rosary 9:00PM
9:30PM Family Theater Classics Holy Rosary Holy Rosary Where God Weeps 9:30PM
10:00PM The Journey Home (Encore) The Phil Sandoval Show – Encore Threshold of Hope 10:00PM
10:30PM 10:30PM
11:00PM Life is Worth Living The Journey Home (Encore) 11:00PM
11:30PM Vatican Radio Weekend 11:30PM