What is the value of a bumper sticker? Part II

Peak_hour_traffic_in_melbourneEvery day you probably pass hundreds (if not thousands!) of other cars. If you have an Immaculate Heart Radio bumper sticker you may be changing lives and bringing souls closer to Christ – without even knowing it!

Last week we shared the story of a Right Here, Right Now listener whose life was changed by an Immaculate Heart Radio bumper sticker. Just days later we received another note from a listener in Modesto, who shared that seeing an Immaculate Heart Radio bumper sticker helped her in her struggle with addiction. She wrote:

 At 17, I tried alcohol for the first time and (unbeknownst to me) set off the disease of alcoholism.  I fought it, unsuccessfully, for 19 years.  During that time I added drugs to the mix.  I left my morals and The Church behind, but never actually meant to – one cannot be an active alcoholic and a good anything, let alone a good Catholic.

I got sober in 1992 thanks to the appropriate 12 step program for alcoholics.  By the time I was 2 years sober I knew something was missing.  I was on the freeway and saw a bumper sticker for Catholic Radio.  Out of curiosity I tuned it IHR.

I discovered what was missing.

Today I am very active in my parish,  I celebrated 22 years of continuous sobriety May 4, 2014, and am an active member of my 12 step program, traveling to many wonderful places to share my experience, strength, and hope with others struggling, just like me.

Thank GOD for bumper stickers, eh?

Thank God indeed! Immaculate Heart Radio’s broadcasts change lives, but only through the support of listeners like you! Please help us continue to spread faith, hope and love over the airwaves by making a gift today!

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By the Numbers: Who Gives More?

Charitable giving is an important part of our social, financial and spiritual life. And studies show that giving to charity makes you happy. But who gives more to charity: men or women? Secular people or religious people?

The folks at Donate a Car 2 Charity compiled research and produced the following infographic with the results. Check them out and see if you guessed right!


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What is the value of a bumper sticker?

bumper-stickerDuring the Right Here, Right Now 2nd Anniversary show, Patrick Madrid took a call from a listener who showed the value that one Immaculate Heart Radio bumper sticker can have on a life.

The caller, who requested to remain anonymous, was a former prostitute who, after attempting suicide, saw an Immaculate Heart Radio bumper sticker and decided to tune-in. After listening to the programs on Immaculate Heart Radio, she found hope, turned her life around, and entered the Catholic Church.

Hear her story in her own words.

Immaculate Heart Radio president, Doug Sherman, said of this testimony:

“God’s grace is pretty amazing. Stories like this make our tough days a little easier. As Mother Angelica used to say when hearing a story like this: ‘We could shut it all down right now, and it would have been worth it. That’s the value of one soul.'”

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