5 Questions to Ask Before You Leave the Catholic Faith

leaving-church1In 2014, approximately 10% of all Americans identified themselves as “former Catholics.” Most people have a friend or a family member who is a “former Catholic.” Perhaps you have left the Church yourself.

As an atheist to Catholic convert, Jennifer Fulwiler has experienced life both with and without religion; and based on her experience, she asked those considering leaving the Catholic Church to first ask themselves 5 questions. Below are the 5 questions with excerpts from her column. You can read her full column at the National Catholic Register. 

If you or someone you love are considering leaving the Catholic faith, ask yourself:

1. Are you sure members of the Church hierarchy are worse than anyone else?

When people cite the pedophilia scandals as a key reason for abandoning the Church, I worry that they’re setting themselves up for deep disappointment. The fact that priests abused children is an idea so horrific that one can hardly bear to think about it, and the fact that some bishops didn’t take action to stop it is almost worse. But the chilling fact — perhaps so chilling that we don’t can’t accept it — is that this is not a problem with Catholic priests and bishops; it’s a problem with human nature. A priest is no more likely to abuse a child than a male schoolteacher, and a bishop is no more likely to cover it up than a school administrator.

2. Are you sure your faith life would be better outside of the Church?

Keep in mind that leaving the Catholic Church means leaving the sacraments — sacraments with real power, which are not available outside of the Church that Jesus founded. If it brings you joy to commune with Jesus spiritually, how much better is it to commune with him physically as well? And how lucky are we to have the sacrament of confession, where you can unload all your burdens, hear the words “you are forgiven,” and receive special grace to help you to be the morally upright person you strive to be?

3. Are you sure the Church’s teachings are wrong? (more…)

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Vatican invites Rome’s homeless to a dinner and VIP tour of Sistine Chapel

Vatican Sistine ChapelCatholic News Agency reports:

In addition to food, umbrellas, sleeping bags, showers and haircuts, the Vatican is now offering Rome’s homeless the gift of beauty.

On Thursday afternoon, 150 homeless persons will receive a special ticket for the Vatican Museums given by the office for papal charities. They will then be divided into three separate groups with a guide, Vatican Insider reports.

In addition to having custodians help them carry their personal belongings – including backpacks, knapsacks, carts and even dogs – the homeless persons will also be offered headphones to use throughout their guided tour.

An initiative of papal almoner Archbishop Konrad Kraiewski, the visit is designed to show the city’s homeless population not just the beauty from outside the colonnades of St. Peter’s Basilica, but also the beauty within, which belongs to everyone, including those who have met misfortune and are living in poverty.

The initiative is the latest in a string of charitable initiatives enacted by the almoner on behalf of Pope Francis since his election two years ago.

Read more at Catholic News Agency.

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Updated apps in the App Stores

If you have your iOS or Android device set to automatically update, then you may have already noticed that we’ve updated our apps this past week.  Both the iOS and Android version have received a bit of a face lift.

the IHRadio.com apps

New features include a live Twitter stream, new settings for automatic playback, remembering which stream you were listening to as well as better way to view and manage podcasts.

If you’ve got the apps already you can update them via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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