Catholic Radio Returns to Los Angeles

cwrkhjCatholic World Report recently covered the launch of our new station in Los Angeles, KHJ 930 AM, and showed the support we have received from Catholics in Southern California:

“I was never a talk radio guy. Some friends suggested I tune in to IHR, however, and from day one I was hooked,” [former professional baseball player Mike] Sweeney said. “I love its Catholicity. It is 100 percent, unabashed Catholic.”

He added, “It’s given me a greater love and appreciation for my Catholic faith, and helped me answer our Protestant brothers and sisters when they ask me questions.”

He had never enjoyed California traffic, he said, but once AM 1000 began broadcasting, “I look forward to it. I can listen to so many outstanding Catholic shows. All my vehicles are set to AM 1000.”

Father Ed Benioff, the archdiocesan Director of New Evangelization, believes it is important to use Catholic radio and other forms of media to spread the Gospel. “One of my favorite saints, John Bosco, had an oratory game room so that his priests and brothers could play games with the kids they served,” Father Benioff said. “He reasoned, ‘If we enter their world, they’ll enter our world.’ We need to enter the wider culture so that we can present to them the gift of salvation.”

While secularism is prevalent everywhere, he said, it is particularly so in cities like Los Angeles. “People are tempted to pursue money, power, pleasure, and honor and to throw away spiritual values,” Father Benioff said. “It presents a greater challenge for us to evangelize, and the radio is an important tool to help us do so.”

Read the full article at Catholic World Report.



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Immaculate Heart Radio in the LA Times

Archbishop Jose Gomez, right, flips the switch at the launch celebration for KHJ 930 AM. (Christina House/For the Times)

Archbishop Jose Gomez, right, flips the switch at the launch celebration for KHJ 930 AM. (Christina House/For the Times)

The Los Angeles Times recently ran a feature on Immaculate Heart Radio’s new Los Angeles station, KHJ 930 AM:

Back in the glory days of Top 40 radio, 93 KHJ was the king, home to the latest hits and big audiences, not to mention famed DJs Sam Riddle, Robert W. Morgan and the Real Don Steele.

But beginning this month, KHJ became the latest in a growing number of Catholic-themed religious broadcasters.

Instead of the Beatles and Motown, the station is broadcasting rosaries and Catholic-themed talk shows. Among the shows is Patrick Madrid’s “Right Here, Right Now,” which in recent weeks has touched on everything from music’s potential influence on suicide to using the Ten Commandments as a voter’s guide during elections.

The station has received the endorsement of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, which will broadcast its own programming for an hour a day.

For Catholic radio in America, it is one of the biggest moves yet into a medium evangelists have long dominated. And it underscores how an old technology such as radio still plays an important role in faith in America.

About one-fifth of American adults listen to religious radio, about the same percentage who share their religious faith online, according to a study by the Pew Research Center released this month. Despite the digital shift, the study showed little difference between old media and new media when it came to sharing faith.

Read the full article at the Los Angeles Times.

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Media buzz surrounds launch of Immaculate Heart Radio in Los Angeles

radio-tower-21With the launch of KHJ 930 AM in Los Angeles yesterday, the media has been abuzz about this powerhouse station that will bring the Gospel to 15 million people in the Los Angeles area. Below are some articles that have been published regarding KHJ.

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