Expectant couple completes ‘bucket list’ of adventures with their unborn baby

JennaAndDanWhen Jenna and Dan Haley, of Philadelphia, learned they were pregnant, they started dreaming of all the places and experiences they would share with their child after he was born.

But just 13-weeks into the pregnancy, their son, Shane, was diagnosed with anencephaly, a birth defect that causes babies to be born without parts of their brain or skull. The life expectancy for babies with anencaphaly is incredibly short, ranging from a few hours to a few days, so the Haleys decided to create a ‘bucket list’ of adventures to share with Shane while he was still in his mother’s womb.

The New York Daily News reports:


Despite the bleak diagnosis, the devout Catholic couple decided that getting an abortion wasn’t an option for them. Instead, the parents have tried their best to turn Shane’s devastating condition into an opportunity to celebrate his short life, embarking on a bucket list of adventures for the unborn child.

The parents have taken Shane on trips to parks, concerts and Phillies games. He was named No. 1 fan at his dad’s baseball games for the Delco League. They’ve taken a stroll down Wildwood’s boardwalk and visited an animal zoo.

Every night before going to sleep, the hopeful mom and dad say an “Angel of God” prayer. They recite the rosary at their local church every Monday night. During those times of spiritual connection, they say Shane is especially active.

“With prayers and through the grace of God all things are possible!” the couple told friends and family on their “Prayers for Shane” Facebook page.

…”It’s the hardest thing in the world but you can make it through. We’re his parents and we’re going to take care of him as long as we can.”

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Funeral Set for San Diego Bishop Cirilo Flores

bishop-flores2The funeral arrangements for San Diego’s Bishop Cirilo Flores have been announced, with the Funeral Mass taking place at St. Therese of Carmel Church on September 17th. Bishop Flores passed away on Saturday, September 6th from a cancer of unknown origin, less than one year after being ordained the 5th bishop of the Diocese of San Diego.

Bishop Flores’ body will be received at St. Joseph Cathedral on September 16th, and the faithful are invited to the Visitation from 10:15 a.m. until 6:45 p.m., followed by a Vigil for the Deceased at 7:00 p.m., also at St. Joseph Cathedral.

Please see the Diocese of San Diego web site for more details.

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What is the value of a bumper sticker? Part II

Peak_hour_traffic_in_melbourneEvery day you probably pass hundreds (if not thousands!) of other cars. If you have an Immaculate Heart Radio bumper sticker you may be changing lives and bringing souls closer to Christ – without even knowing it!

Last week we shared the story of a Right Here, Right Now listener whose life was changed by an Immaculate Heart Radio bumper sticker. Just days later we received another note from a listener in Modesto, who shared that seeing an Immaculate Heart Radio bumper sticker helped her in her struggle with addiction. She wrote:

 At 17, I tried alcohol for the first time and (unbeknownst to me) set off the disease of alcoholism.  I fought it, unsuccessfully, for 19 years.  During that time I added drugs to the mix.  I left my morals and The Church behind, but never actually meant to – one cannot be an active alcoholic and a good anything, let alone a good Catholic.

I got sober in 1992 thanks to the appropriate 12 step program for alcoholics.  By the time I was 2 years sober I knew something was missing.  I was on the freeway and saw a bumper sticker for Catholic Radio.  Out of curiosity I tuned it IHR.

I discovered what was missing.

Today I am very active in my parish,  I celebrated 22 years of continuous sobriety May 4, 2014, and am an active member of my 12 step program, traveling to many wonderful places to share my experience, strength, and hope with others struggling, just like me.

Thank GOD for bumper stickers, eh?

Thank God indeed! Immaculate Heart Radio’s broadcasts change lives, but only through the support of listeners like you! Please help us continue to spread faith, hope and love over the airwaves by making a gift today!

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