K237EQ, Farmington, NM – Still off the air

Farmington, NM Tower NewsAs many of our listeners may be aware, we are currently off the air on 95.3FM in Farmington, NM.

A tower crew climbed the tower on Sunday the 20th of July and discovered they had accidentally broke the connector on our antenna while they were working on another station’s antenna. Our local engineer and the tower company are searching for a replacement connector.

The station is still off the air and we will notify you here when there is a change.

Thanks for your patience.

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God’s message of mercy – sent straight to your inbox

divinemercyThe message of Divine Mercy will be sent to the inboxes of thousands each day through a new program – Divine Mercy Daily – a collaboration between Lighthouse Catholic Media and the Marians of the Immaculate Conception.

Participants provide their e-mail address and receive excerpts from Divine Mercy in my Soul, the spiritual diary of St. Faustina Kowalski.

To sign up, visit their Flocknote page and enter your e-mail address to receive the first excerpt on Monday, July 21. For more information on Divine Mercy, see below, or visit here or here for more.

Who was St. Faustina Kowalski? (more…)

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Catholic Baseball Camp brings together sports and the spiritual life

sweeneycampFrom the National Catholic Register:

July 15 marks the 81st annual Major League Baseball All-Star Game. While ballplayers in both the American and National Leagues take a few days of much-needed rest, there are hundreds of “minor leaguers” who are eager to learn what it takes to be an all-star on the field and off.

Ranging from age 8 to 16, these players are hoping to improve their baseball skills and deepen their Catholic faith, thanks to the Yes of former longtime Kansas City Royal first baseman and devoted Catholic Mike Sweeney.

The motto of the Camp is: “Using the greatest game ever played to tell the greatest story ever told,” and since its beginnings in 2012 it has born fruit in the lives of young people.

Jack Harris, a high school junior from Coronado, CA told the Register:

“The whole atmosphere of the camp was amazing … I think I got more benefits on the spiritual side [of the camp]. Besides not missing Sunday Mass now, I am sometimes going to Mass before school.”

Read the rest at the National Catholic Register.


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