Prayer for Fr. Benedict Groeschel

Fr groeschel

UPDATE: The Franciscan Friars of the Renewal announced that Fr. Benedict Groeschel, C.F.R. died on October 3rd at the age of 81. Read the statement issued by the CFRs at the National Catholic Register.


The Cardinal Newman Society recently posted on their Facebook page:

We received word from the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal that Father Benedict Groeschel, C.F.R., fell and reinjured the same arm that was hurt in his accident ten years ago.

One of his brother friars, Fr. Glenn Sudano, related that Fr. Groeschel is in much pain, and that they are asking for the intercession of Venerable Solanus Casey, a former roommate of Fr. Groeschel who is up for beatification, in his healing.

Father Groeschel was a very close advisor and friend to The Cardinal Newman Society until he retired a few years ago, and we owe him a debt of gratitude for his tireless work and prayers on behalf of faithful education.

Now he needs our prayers.

Will you please join us in praying the following prayer for Father:

O Gracious and loving father,
we humbly implore You
to look kindly upon Your son and servant
Father Benedict Joseph.

Invoking Your Divine Mercy,
we ask that You manifest in a unique, evident, and wonderful way
relief from the burden of his present illness and injury.

As we approach Your Holy Majesty
with certain faith, sure hope, and full confidence,
we beg to obtain this special grace;
so that he may receive even now
a foretaste of the full reward
that awaits him in the future.

We entrust this prayer in a special way
to Your dedicated and faithful servant,
Father Solanus Casey.

May this holy friar,
who so inspired Father Benedict here on earth,
now powerfully intercede for him from heaven.

Fr. Groeschel leads the rosary each weekday at 12:30pm Pacific on Immaculate Heart Radio. Please join us in prayer for his recovery.

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Pope Francis honors elderly at Vatican


Photo Credit: Lauren Cater/CNA

From ABC News:

Pope Francis on Sunday hailed the value of the elderly, including his predecessor Benedict XVI, who joined him at a ceremony in St. Peter’s Square honoring the contribution of grandparents to society.

Tens of thousands of people, many of them grandparents and grandchildren, applauded when Francis said that Benedict’s living in papal retirement at the Vatican is “like having the wise grandfather at home.” Benedict, seated, clasped his hands together and extended them toward Francis in a sign of gratitude.

Francis warmly embraced the frail, 87-year-old Benedict, who used a cane and wore a long white coat despite the warmth of a summerlike morning.

Francis, 77, said group homes for elderly with no families were OK as long as they are “not prisons.” He lamented that the elderly are often “forgotten, hidden, neglected,” calling that treatment tantamount to a kind of euthanasia.

Referring also to himself, Francis described old age as a “time of grace.”

“Grandparents who have received the blessing of seeing the children of their children are entrusted with a great task: transmitting the experience of life, the history of a family, of a community, of a people, sharing, with simplicity, wisdom, and faith itself — the most precious inheritance,” the pope added.

Read the whole story at ABC News.

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The Heart of a Shepherd

papa-agnelloFr. Robert Barron, rector of Mundelein Seminary and founder of Word on Fire, released a new video called Evangelizing with the Heart of a Shepherdin which he discusses 6 practical recommendations for those who want to actively seek the lost and shepherd people back to the Church. Some of the recommendations are:

1. Pray

“I know it sounds maybe a little facile or pious, but in the Bible nothing great is ever accomplished, ever, apart from prayer.”

2. Attract, don’t wag your finger

“In our post-modern time, people don’t respond very well to being told what to do. It’s much better, and Pope Francis emphasizes this a lot, to begin with the attractive quality of Christianity. Show the beauty and the form of the Christian life and let people be drawn to it.”

3. Preach the encounter

“When you look in the Gospels, what you see over and over again is … Jesus encountering somebody who’s bringing a question, an anxiety, a deep human concern, a pain; and then that meets an answer coming from the Lord.”

Watch the video below to see the rest!

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