Lent with Little Ones

The season of Lent is a great opportunity to grow in holiness and devotion through prayer, fasting and almsgiving. But how do we help our children grow in their faith and love of the Lord this Lent? If you want your children to better understand Our Lord’s passion, death, and resurrection in an age-appropriate way, check out the resources below. With dozens of activities to choose from, you are sure to find ideas to help your children, grandchildren or students grow closer to Our Lord during this holy season.

HH Lenten Adventure


Holy Heroes is offering a free e-mail subscription called Lenten Adventure. Each day you will receive an e-mail with fun & educational videos, printable coloring pages & activities, audio prayers & stories, and much more!


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Pope Francis: Children are the joy of family and society

From Vatican Radio:

Continuing his catechesis on the family this Wednesday, Pope Francis spoke about the joy of children in family life and how the choice to have children is not irresponsible but vital for a healthy, happy society.

[Pope Francis said],

“Children are the joy of family and society. They are not a problem of reproductive biology, or one of many ways to realize oneself in life. Let alone their parent’s possession. Children are a gift. Do you understand? Children are a gift!  Each is unique and each is unrepeatable; and yet unmistakably tied to his or her roots. …

You love your child because he is a child, not because he is beautiful, healthy, and good; not because he thinks like me, or embodies my desires. A child is a child: a life created by us but destined for him, for his good, the good of the family, society, humanity.”

Read the full transcript at Vatican Radio.

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On Coffee and Marriage

coffeeDo you like to start your day with a cup of coffee? A cup of tea? Perhaps a kale and banana smoothie? Most of us have some routine, something we do each day and we feel “off” if we don’t do it. For Haley Stewart over at Carrots for Michaelmas, hers was her morning cup of coffee. And she has some incredible insights in her post “What My Love Affair with Coffee Taught Me About Marriage.” Here’s a snippet:

We seek the passion and romance of love, but worry that it comes hand-in-hand with a rigid monotony, as if the idea that facing day-to-day life with one person instead of having the freedom to move from one relationship to the next is a downside. A drudge. A bore. Day after day. Year after year of a mind-numbing rut to be stuck in forever.

Kind of like when I wake up to a new day and dread that monotonous cup of morning coffee. Such a chore to drink it–chained to the same old beverage day after day. Ugh. Coffee. AGAIN. If only I could switch things up with a morning chai latte. A cup of green tea. Some other caffeinated soda? Bring back SURGE, perhaps?

Oh, wait. That’s not what I think at all. And apparently I’m not alone since the majority of Americans are also daily drinkers of the heavenly stuff.

So is that critique of marriage really fair? Do we view other facets of life as oppressive merely because they are woven into each of our days?

I treasure my cup of coffee, not despite the fact that I drink it daily, but also because of it’s everydayness. I delight in the fact that this good thing, this cup of joy, is woven into my days. And I love my marriage for it’s everydayness, too.

Read the rest, and more from Haley, at Carrots for Michaelmas.

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