Immaculate Heart Radio broadens scope in Central California

radio-tower-21Immaculate Heart Radio is in the process of acquiring central California radio station, KMPH AM 840. Non-commercial Catholic programming has been airing on the station since July 30; the final purchase is set to record this September.

The 5,000 watt facility broadens Immaculate Heart Radio’s presence along the central corridor, filling the gap between Modesto and Madera. The station reaches more than 700,000 new people during the day and more than 2 million nighttime listeners. Doug Sherman, president and founder of Immaculate Heart Radio said:

“This station is remarkable. Its signal allows us to reach an enormous audience of new listeners. We’ve heard from many people in the Central Valley over the years who have wanted to hear our programming, but didn’t live close enough to one of our stations. Now we can reach them.”

The addition of KMPH AM 840 further completes an effort to provide an umbrella of Catholic programming along the coast and inland in California. Each new station is part of IHR’s commitment to bring a message of faith, hope and love to enrich the lives of listeners.

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Hoops and Holiness: New video reflects on basketball and priestly formation

robert barronFr. Robert Barron’s apostolate Word on Fire has teamed up with Spirit Juice Studios to produce a video that explores the demands and joys of the priestly vocation. The video features three seminarians as they prepare for the Fr. O’Malley Invitational, a basketball tournament at Mundelein Seminary that draws hundreds of seminarians from around the country.  As the tournament approaches, the three seminarians reflect on how their love of basketball has helped them in their formation for the priesthood. Seminarian Viet Nguyen says:

“With the seminary it’s a team effort, because we are one Church headed toward one goal. You see, in basketball you have to practice; a good player listens to his coach, listens to his players. In the Catholic faith you have to listen; listen to what other people are saying, as well as in prayer listen to God.”

In the video, Fr. Robert Barron quotes St. John Paul II, who said “The priest’s humanity should be a bridge to Christ.” Fr. Barron goes on to say that he wants “people to see this generation of seminarians – that these are integrated, well-rounded, good people.”

Watch the 12-minute video below or go to Word on Fire for more!

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Does Fear Control You?

scared-kidsThe Archdiocese of Washington has a great article by Msgr. Charles Pope, “What We Fear Controls Us – A Meditation on the ‘Eighth Deadly Sin’” on how to not let fear take control of your life. Msgr. Pope writes about the role that fear can play in our lives, particularly the fear of rejection. He writes:


So much do we fear rejection and not being popular that we will sin in very serious ways in order to gain the approval of others and the world. Young girls will give away their bodies to mere boyfriends in order to be approved. Young men will join gangs and get in all sorts of trouble to be approved and accepted. People will spend enormous amounts of money buying things they cannot really afford just to impress people they do not even really know or like. People will walk up to a group engaged in very ugly gossip or unchaste conversation and join right in just to gain entrance to the group. People will dress and act immodestly, even if it’s uncomfortable, just because “everyone else is doing it” and they feel they must also in order to be accepted and approved.

The list could go on but you get the point. What we fear controls us.

But Msgr. Pope also offers a solution. Find out what it is at the Archdiocese of Washington Blog.

Patrick Madrid will discuss this topic today on the Right Here, Right Now show. Join the conversation by calling 888-701-5992 from 1-2pm Pacific. If you aren’t able to listen live, you can listen to the show through our Audio Archives.

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