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Immaculate Heart Radio Podcast: Reflections on Mary – Fr. Jeremy Leatherby

Immaculate Heart Radio is proud to present Fr. Jeremy Leatherby’s Reflections on Mary. In this reflection, given during our monthly retreat, Fr. Leatherby talks about the impact Our Lady has had on his life and the lives of his family.

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Podcast – Final Days of Advent: Focusing Your Heart

Late December, a time when we’re all rushing around, getting things done, making lists, checking them twice, running here and there and everywhere… In a homily delivered on Dec. 18th, Immaculate Heart Radio’s Fr. Branigan Sherman reminds us why it’s

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Repairing Your Temple

There are temples all around us. From our local parish, to St. Peter’s in Rome, to our own bodies. Catholics and man in general, have spent a lot of time and effort maintaining and repairing the temples of the past.

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