The Bright Side with Cy Kellett, May 3, 2016

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  • Jesus’ righteous anger: Are we misunderstanding His teaching? Is there a spirit of anger loose in our culture today?
  • Proof-texting: Is this the way to use the Bible? How do we live the Christian life? Comments on “Burning Man”.
  • The Further Future festival: “Burning Man for the 1%”. The consequences of envy. Did Genesis get it right about human nature?
  • The elitism of the Further Future festival – toxic to one’s soul. The massive fraud of “overpopulation”.

The Patrick Madrid Show, May 3, 2016 – Hour 3

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  • Caller says he is against abortion, but will vote for Hillary because Trump is “rude” and a “hater”.
  • Caller says it is more important to vote for life than to vote based on hurt feelings.
  • Two callers discuss abortion on air together and disagree on whether it is the most important factor to consider when voting.
  • Caller says we cannot forget to unite in prayer for the candidates. Prayer has power and can change hearts.

The Patrick Madrid Show, May 3, 2016 – Hour 2

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  • Green Beret who was disciplined by the U.S. Army for preventing a child rape in Afghanistan will now get to stay in the Army.
  • Callers comment on who they will vote for in the presidential election.
  • Caller says he will vote Hillary because she is accomplished. Patrick disagrees with his reasoning.
  • Caller says people like Trump because he isn’t a politician and he is standing up for our country before anything else.