Heart to Heart with Mother Miriam, June 29, 2015 -Hour 1

mtr-miriam-podcast-320On today’s show:

  • Mother reflects on the joy of first becoming Christian, learning Christian songs. There is no such thing as “same sex marriage”; we must obey God, rather than men.
  • Knowing one is loved by God.
  • Caller: How can I evangelize some workers that have been helping me?
  • Caller: Can a person with same-sex attraction join a religious order?
  • Caller: People don’t know what the word “Love” means anymore.

Right Here, Right Now, June 29, 2015 -Hour 2

ca-1500ppodcastOn today’s show:

  • Frog-in-water syndrome; creeping influences on our culture. Christ’s words will never pass away.
  • Caller: Things change, Chris; morality evolves. Christians are going to look back on this and find that they are on the wrong side of history/progress.
  • Caller: I’m 13 years old; how do I explain the Catholic Christian position to my peers?
  • Caller: I’m in Arizona; some catholic parishes are actually supporting this decision.
  • Caller: Chris, didn’t Pope Francis tell you not to talk about gay issues? Are you just doing this for ratings?

Right Here, Right Now, June 29, 2015 -Hour 1

ca-1500ppodcastOn today’s show:

  • SCOTUS decision: Non-sensical, illogical, unprecedented. Truth does not change.
  • America moving away from fixed principles.
  • Caller: I think that people are born gay; they should follow their nature.
  • Caller: Why do Christians impose their morality on others? Why can’t gays get married?
  • Caller: I’ve got two brothers that are identical twins; one is gay, the other is very straight (there is no gay gene).