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Bullied Chicago Girl Asked to Sing for Pope Francis

Bullied Chicago Girl Asked to Sing for Pope Francis

From The Telegraph:

Pope Francis spoke by satellite from the Vatican City to audiences in three US cities on Monday, ahead of his upcoming trip to the US.

He spoke with people in Chicago, Los Angeles and McAllen, Texas, in the virtual town hall meeting broadcast by ABC News.

In Chicago, 17-year-old girl Valerie Herrera wept as she told Francis she’d been bullied because of a rare skin condition and had turned to music for comfort.

In English, he told the high school senior that he would like to hear her sing.

When she hesitated, he told her to “be courageous.”

Herrera sang in Spanish, and the Pope smiled and thanked her.

Here is the video with Valerie Herrera’s moment starting at the 2:30 mark:

Planned Parenthood Videos

Planned Parenthood Videos

Since mid-July, The Center for Medical Progress has released a series of videos showing Planned Parenthood executives discussing the harvesting and selling of organs from aborted babies. The Center for Medical Progress has released one video each week, and says there are 12 total in the series. These undercover videos have started a national discussion and have resulted in several state investigations into Planned Parenthood.

To make it easy for you to find, we have compiled the videos that have already been released, and we’ll post the new ones on this page as they are released.

Let us all pray for the sanctity of human life.

September 1st Video

August 25th Video

August 19th Video

August 12th Video

August 4th Video

July 20th Video

July 21st Video

July 14th Video

The full and unedited footage uploaded on July 14th

Physician-Assisted Suicide Bill Revived in California Legislature

Physician-Assisted Suicide Bill Revived in California Legislature

From the California Catholic Conference:

In an effort to rekindle their failed physician-assisted suicide legislation, proponents have introduced a new bill, ABx2 15 Eggman (D-Stockton), in a Special Session of the legislature designed to deal with rising health care costs.

Just hours after the announcement, however, a spokesperson for Governor Jerry Brown said that including the suicide bill in a discussion on health care costs was inappropriate and that the legislation should be dealt with in regular session.

Californians Against Assisted Suicide pointed out that “linking this bill with healthcare financing … should be truly frightening to those on MediCal and subsidized health care, who quite logically fear a system where prescribing suicide pills could be elevated to a treatment option.”

ABx2 15 follows the failure of SB 128 which did not have enough votes to pass the Assembly Health Committee and was set aside for the remainder of the legislative session.  It is virtually the same as SB 128 with some more “safeguards” included.

The Assembly Health Committee, where SB 128 stalled, will be smaller in the Special Session and will not include some members who are opposed to the bill.  Proponents must be thinking they can get it through this smaller committee.

Since the failure of SB 128, proponents have had two attempts at legalizing deadly prescriptions dismissed in California courts and a Federal appellate court in New Mexico reversed a lower court ruling that would have legalized the practice in that state.

Contact your local Assembly Member and urge them to vote “No” on ABx2 15.