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Your Money & Your Happiness

The folks at Happify have taken various studies on the relationship between money and happiness, and produced an interesting infographic showing that although money can’t buy happiness, what you spend your money on can effect your happiness and satisfaction. Some

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Why is the U.S. Suicide Rate Rising?

Yesterday’s news of the tragic death of comedian Robin Williams has opened up a national conversation about depression and suicide. Among these is an article from Dan Diamond at Forbes, Robin Williams Death Spotlights the Growing Risk of Suicides Among

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Immaculate Heart Radio broadens scope in Central California

Immaculate Heart Radio is in the process of acquiring central California radio station, KMPH AM 840. Non-commercial Catholic programming has been airing on the station since July 30; the final purchase is set to record this September. The 5,000 watt

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When you give to Immaculate Heart Radio, Lives are changed!

"I was baptized Catholic, but had been away from the church for over a decade. The first program I heard was Patrick Madrid's Right Here, Right Now. He inspired me to come home..."


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