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‘Faithful America’ Not Faithful to Catholic Teaching

Back in June, Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone received some backlash from San Francisco politicians and civic leaders on his decision to speak at the March for Marriage in Washington, D.C..  The Catholic San Francisco recently reported that this backlash was not spontaneous, but

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Pledge Drive Station Update

As many of you may know, we haven’t quite made it to our goal of $587,000 dollars. Below is how each individual station is doing in reaching that goal. The amount next to each station is the dollars needed to

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Expectant couple completes ‘bucket list’ of adventures with their unborn baby

When Jenna and Dan Haley, of Philadelphia, learned they were pregnant, they started dreaming of all the places and experiences they would share with their child after he was born. But just 13-weeks into the pregnancy, their son, Shane, was diagnosed

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When you give to Immaculate Heart Radio, Lives are changed!

"I was baptized Catholic, but had been away from the church for over a decade. The first program I heard was Patrick Madrid's Right Here, Right Now. He inspired me to come home..."


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