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St. Gabriel Award: Patrick Madrid Needs Your Vote!

St. Gabriel Award: Patrick Madrid Needs Your Vote!

Immaculate Heart Radio’s very own Patrick Madrid Show has been nominated for a St. Gabriel Award!

Hippest Catholic dad nominee Patrick Madrid hosts this fantastically hip Immaculate Heart radio anchor show. It really has become the show that we have all been asking for. One part breaking news, one part NPR-style stories, and four parts Catechism of the Catholic Church, the Patrick Madrid Show is firing on all cylinders right now, and shows no signs of letting up.

Hosted by The Catholic Hipster, the St. Gabriel Award sets out to name the “hippest Catholic Radio show” based on the votes of listeners nationwide! Fellow nominees include Catholic Answers Live, The Jennifer Fulwiler Showand The SonRise Morning ShowAll the nominees are truly excellent and hip, but we want our Immaculate Heart Radio listeners to show Patrick Madrid some love and vote for him! Just go to The Catholic Hipster web site and vote for The Patrick Madrid Show on the right.

5 Tips for Less Fighting

5 Tips for Less Fighting

In a marriage, arguments are inevitable. Whether it’s big stuff or what to watch on TV tonight, disagreements are bound to happen. But, if you fight all the time it can take a toll on your marriage. In an article at, family lawyer and author Laurie Puhn has 5 tips to help couples fight less and love more. Here are a couple of her suggestions:

Pick the Right Battles. Your spouse comes home from work drenched from the rain because he forgot an umbrella. You told him to take one that morning after you heard the weather report. Before you start criticizing him while he’s soaked, ask yourself this wise question, “Does this affect me?” In this example, it doesn’t. He arrived home drenched, not you. So don’t pick that battle. In the future, when your spouse makes a mistake and it doesn’t affect you, rather than using a “fight line” like “I told you to take an umbrella, you should have listened to me!” use a compassionate love line like, “You’re all wet. Do you want a towel?” And, if you find it hard to say those words, just say nothing.

Disagree without Being Disagreeable. An easy way to start a fight is to quickly jump in to say “You’re wrong” or “That’s a stupid idea!” Meanwhile, a better, more loving way to make the same point is to use a wise question. The moment you know you disagree with what your spouse said, stop and ask the powerful question, “Why do you think that?” Listen to the answer (you may uncover some new information to alter your opinion), then feel free to disagree without using judgmental words. By holding your tongue and listening first (even if it’s only for a minute), you show respect. And when your children overhear you, they learn an important lesson about how to turn a disagreement into a conversation.

Read the rest at and for more ways to improve your marriage (including daily marriage tips!) be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Hundreds Gather to Show Support for Archbishop Cordileone

Hundreds Gather to Show Support for Archbishop Cordileone

Hundreds of people gathered in San Francisco’s Sue Bierman Park on Saturday to show their support for Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone. The event was organized by a group of Catholics in San Francisco who desired to have their voices heard after several months of public negativity directed at the archbishop.

Archbishop Cordileone has received backlash in the past few months due to the archdiocese’s requirement that employees of Catholic schools agree to live by the Catholic Church’s moral teaching. This “morality clause” has sparked controversy, but the archbishop has also received an outpouring of support from Catholics in San Francisco and around the country.

Saturday’s picnic was organized so that the public could show their approval and thank Archbishop Cordileone for his stance and courage.

“I think his stance has been misunderstood, misinterpreted by a lot of people, and I hope that will change,” picnic attendee Fr. Patrick Lee said. “That as time goes on, what he’s doing would be understood and appreciated.”

Picnic attendees enjoyed games and live entertainment, and Archbishop Cordileone was present to thank everyone for their support.

For more information, visit and see more pictures of the event on their Facebook & Twitter pages.