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“Confession” App Lets Millennials Talk Anonymously About Faith

“Confession” App Lets Millennials Talk Anonymously About Faith

And the results are hopeful and encouraging.

From Aleteia:

The “Whisper” app for smartphones allows users to post anonymous confessions, comments or questions about any topic and discuss them with whoever happens to be listening/watching at the time.  As you’d expect, there are a lot of dark secrets being posted via the app, but some of the ‘secrets’ are actually heartwarming.  For example, check out these posts, in which some young atheists confess a secret attraction to the Faith, while young Catholics reveal the depths of their love for the Church.

Here are 23 “confessions” we found that just might give you hope for the next generation.




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10 Quotes from St. John Vianney

10 Quotes from St. John Vianney

St. John Vianney lived in the 19th century and was a parish priest in the French countryside. He was a simple and humble man, but his reputation as a confessor and pastor of souls made him known by Christians throughout the world. People traveled from around the world to see him, and he was known to spend 16 hours a day hearing confessions. Below are some quotes to meditate on in honor of his feast day today:

“Prayer is the inner bath of love into which the soul plunges itself.”

“We are each of us like a small mirror in which God searches for His reflection.”

“Remain humble, remain simple. The more you are so, the more good you will do.”

“Only after the Last Judgment will Mary get any rest; from now until then, she is much too busy with her children.”

“All the good works in the world are not equal to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass because they are the works of men; but the Mass is the work of God. Martyrdom is nothing in comparison for it is but the sacrifice of man to God; but the Mass is the sacrifice of God for man.”

“I tell you that you have less to suffer in following the cross than in serving the world and its pleasures.”

“In your work, offer your difficulties and troubles quite simply to God…and you will find that His blessing will rest upon you and on all you do.”

“How good is our God! When we can no longer come to Him, He comes to us.”

“We should consider those moments spent before the Blessed Sacrament as the happiest of our lives.”

“Private prayer is like straw scattered here and there: If you set it on fire it makes a lot of little flames. But gather these straws into a bundle and light them, and you get a mighty fire, rising like a column into the sky; public prayer is like that.”

St. John Vianney is the patron saint of parish priests, so take time today to thank your priest for giving his life in service to the Body of Christ.

Bombs explode outside 2 New Mexico churches

Bombs explode outside 2 New Mexico churches

Our prayers are with all the people of Las Cruces, NM. Thanks be to God, nobody was injured.

From the Las Cruces Sun-News:

Explosions about a half hour apart shattered the serenity of morning services at two Las Cruces churches Sunday, but caused no injuries and only minor damage, police said.

The explosions happened at Calvary Baptist Church, 1800 S. Locust, shortly after 8 a.m. and Holy Cross Catholic Church, 1327 N. Miranda, about a half hour later. The explosion at Holy Cross took place in a trash can just outside the entrance of the church as services for the 8 a.m. Mass were taking place.

“I was right in the middle of saying the words ‘take and eat, this is my body’ and there was a Pow! I mean, I knew it had to be more than a gunshot,” he said. “It didn’t know if it was a shotgun blast, I didn’t know what. But it was very loud and I just kept on saying the words.”

Ann Marie Sullivan, a college student and lifelong parishioner at Holy Cross, described it. “It sounded like something had fallen off and shattered the glass in the back.”

At the end of the Lord’s Prayer, the pastor sent a deacon to find out what had happened, and it was reported that a bomb had exploded in a trash can outside the front glass doors, shattering the thick glass.

“I’m just thankful to God nobody was standing by the door, because there’s usually always somebody standing there. But because it was the consecration part of the Mass, everybody was kneeling down and facing toward the altar,” he said. “Ten minutes later we would have been leaving and standing around that space.”

Read the full story at the Las Cruces Sun-News.

(Photo credit: Robin Zielinski/The Las Cruces Sun-News via AP)