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5 Questions to Ask Before You Leave the Catholic Faith

In 2014, approximately 10% of all Americans identified themselves as “former Catholics.” Most people have a friend or a family member who is a “former Catholic.” Perhaps you have left the Church yourself. As an atheist to Catholic convert, Jennifer

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Vatican invites Rome’s homeless to a dinner and VIP tour of Sistine Chapel

Catholic News Agency reports: In addition to food, umbrellas, sleeping bags, showers and haircuts, the Vatican is now offering Rome’s homeless the gift of beauty. On Thursday afternoon, 150 homeless persons will receive a special ticket for the Vatican Museums

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What Does it Mean to Be Fully Human?

Each year, the Templeton Prize awards $1.5 million to a person who has made “exceptional contributions to affirming life’s spiritual dimension.” This year, the Templeton Prize was awarded to Jean Vanier, a Catholic philosopher and advocate for the mentally disabled.

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