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New Show: The Bright Side with Cy Kellett

New Show: The Bright Side with Cy Kellett

Immaculate Heart Radio launched its newest show today, The Bright Side with Cy Kellett, heard weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Pacific time. The Bright Side is a call-in show that will help you to thrive in your faith and encourage you to live it fully.

Host Cy Kellett said of the new show:

“Catholic Christianity has the gifts needed to revive and humanize individual lives and the whole modern world. The common thing we all share — whether we go to Mass every day or go to Mass once a decade — is that we fall short of the Gospel. We are all called to keep growing in the Gospel, and if we do this we will present, as St. Paul says, “a more excellent way” to our fellow citizens.

The Bright Side, is meant to convey an attitude of happiness, not fear. There is no point to the Gospel if it does not bring happiness. Love drives out fear!”

In addition to hosting The Bright Side, Cy Kellett is the Community Relations Officer for AM 1000 KCEO, San Diego – an Immaculate Heart Radio station. He is also noted columnist and newspaper editor. He served for a decade as editor-in-chief of San Diego’s Southern Cross.

Before his writing career, he spent years working on the streets of Boston with the homeless mentally ill. Part of that time was spent living in an urban Catholic Worker house dedicated to serving homeless men. He also spent four years supervising a home for severely traumatized children. For fun he likes to spend time with his three teens trying to impress them with his knowledge of pop culture.

The Bright Side with Cy Kellett is part of Immaculate Heart Radio’s line up of shows that focus on inspirational talk, representing the truth of the Gospel in a compelling interactive format.

How to Pray the Rosary

How to Pray the Rosary

“The Rosary is a way of contemplating the face of Christ, seeing him – we may say – with the eyes of Mary.” – Pope St. John Paul II

The rosary is one of the most famous forms of Catholic prayer, and many saints throughout the centuries have had a special devotion to it. It is a Scripture-based prayer in which we repeatedly recite certain prayers while meditating on the life of Christ.

If you are new to the Catholic faith, or if it has been a while and you have forgotten how to pray the rosary, it can be a bit overwhelming to try to remember all the prayers, all the mysteries to contemplate, which mysteries are prayed on which day, etc. That’s why Immaculate Heart Radio has launched a new Rosary Page to help make praying the Rosary easy and enjoyable. Our Rosary Page includes many features to help you make the rosary a part of your daily life, including:

  • All of the prayers written out so you can read along until you have the prayers committed to memory
  • Mysteries for each day of the week so you know what Mysteries to pray each day
  • Audio files that allow you pray along with someone

Whether you are new to the rosary or if this prayer is part of your everyday life, there is something for everyone at our new Rosary Page. Check it out and share it with a loved one who may find it helpful!

Bay Area Parish Shows the Power of Perpetual Adoration

Bay Area Parish Shows the Power of Perpetual Adoration

Church of the Nativity in Menlo Park, CA recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of perpetual adoration in their parish, and The National Catholic Register ran an article featuring the many ways that perpetual adoration has made an impact on the lives of Nativity parishioners over the years:

Back in the early 1990s, the Pelosos learned about the spiritual benefits of Eucharistic adoration and decided to bring the devotion to Nativity parish. With their pastor’s support, they began with a monthly 24-hour program, but gradually ramped up to perpetual adoration by 1996.

“It was a push to get volunteers from midnight to 6am,” Mary Ellen told the Register.

“So we held a big meeting and went over everything. We showed the blank spots on the schedule and explained that Dominick and I would have to fill in if others didn’t step forward. The parish stepped up, and Nativity has not been locked for 20 years.”

Along the way, the couple has learned that Eucharistic adoration offers a deep sense of peace and clarity in moments of anxiety and crisis and that the mystery of God’s providence should not be second-guessed.

Indeed, as the Pelosos see it, perpetual adoration has “changed all the dynamics of the parish and made everyone more prayerful.”

Msgr. Steven Otellini, the pastor of the Church of the Nativity, arrived after the devotion was established, but strongly supports the ministry and fills a weekly slot.

“Three vocations — one male, two female — have come from adoration,” Msgr. Otellini told the Register, while noting additional benefits to local Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

“The Church is always open. When I do adoration at 4 a.m., people are coming in on their way to or from work or dropping in for a visit.”

“Late at night there are sometimes a dozen people,” he added.

Early one morning, Msgr. Otellini recalled, “I heard the door open, and a person walked slowly, almost shuffling, toward the altar.”

He turned to see a man holding an ice pack to his face, and the visitor came up to the priest.

The man explained that he had just left Stanford hospital, after being treated for an accident that resulted in a potentially serious brain injury.

“I almost died, and I just wanted to say ‘thanks’ to God. This was the only church I could find open,” the man, a non-Catholic, told the priest.

Linda Potter has witnessed similar late-night encounters that make her glad she is present to offer a welcome to visitors who want to give thanks to or share their sorrows with the Lord.

Thinking back to the prayers she offered up for the woman’s niece who faced drug charges, Potter described her sense of joy when she learned the young woman had undergone a “transformation. The kids she had alienated had come back, and the whole family found comfort in the Lord.”

“The world can swallow you up,” said Potter.

“Adoration allows you to connect with Our Lord in a more intimate way. Those who do not take time to be with Jesus are missing out on the chance of having a closer relationship with him.”

Read the full story at The National Catholic Register.