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Summertime Travel

Just because it’s summer, and you’re traveling to far off lands doesn’t mean you have to leave Catholic Radio behind. Immaculate Heart Radio has 31 towers across six western states! In addition to that, there are hundreds of Catholic Radio

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Sudanese courts release woman sentenced to death for her Christian faith – UPDATED

UPDATE: Mariam Ibrahim and her family were reportedly re-arrested at Khartoum’s airport Tuesday while attempting to leave the Sudan and travel to the United States. Read more here.    Mariam Yahya Ibrahim, a 27-year-old Sudanese mother, has been released from

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Phoenix priest says of attacker: ‘I have forgiven him’

Father Joseph Terra, FSSP, who was wounded after a break-in at his parish in Phoenix, was recently asked about the man who attacked him and killed his fellow priest. Father Terra simply said: “I have forgiven him.” Father Kenneth Walker, 28,

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When you give to Immaculate Heart Radio, Lives are changed!

"I was baptized Catholic, but had been away from the church for over a decade. The first program I heard was Patrick Madrid's Right Here, Right Now. He inspired me to come home..."


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