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CNN anchor: ‘There is something about Pope Francis that has reawakened my faith.’

Carol Costello, anchor of CNN Newsroom, recently wrote a column sharing how, after years away from her Catholic faith, she feels drawn to pray for forgiveness and Christ’s love after seeing the example of Pope Francis. I remember the day I

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What if I don’t get anything out of Sunday Mass?

This time of year, many people feel a pull, or have an interest in, returning to the Catholic Church of their upbringing. Many of our listeners are among this group of non-practicing Catholics who would like to dip their toes back into

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Baseball: A Catholic sport?

Baseball season is upon us, and John L. Allen, Jr. over at Crux has put forward a list of the 9 reasons why Catholicism is to religion what baseball is to sports. The similarities are quite interesting. Here are a

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