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New healthcare directory connects Catholic patients and providers

For many Catholics, finding a healthcare provider who respects their values and beliefs can be a challenge. In some cases, the lack of common values between patient and doctor can lead to frustration and a lack of trust. In response

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The Best #PopeCup Memes

In case you’re not keeping up with the action in the World Cup, the Finals on Sunday will be a match between Argentina and Germany. With Pope Francis being Argentinian and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI being German, the internet has been

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What are we supposed to DO during Mass?

Father Dwight Longenecker over at Standing on my Head received a question that has likely been asked by countless Catholics: What are we, the faithful (read: not clergy) supposed to do during the Mass? … As a layman, I know I am supposed

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When you give to Immaculate Heart Radio, Lives are changed!

"I was baptized Catholic, but had been away from the church for over a decade. The first program I heard was Patrick Madrid's Right Here, Right Now. He inspired me to come home..."


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