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New Short Film Encourages Catholic Men to Rediscover Their Identity in Christ

New Short Film Encourages Catholic Men to Rediscover Their Identity in Christ

The Office of Marriage and Respect Life of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix recently released a documentary-style short film that seeks to create awareness of a crisis in masculinity found in today’s society.

The short film, titled A Call to Battle,was released only a few weeks after the promulgation of Bishop Olmsted’s apostolic exhortation Into the Breach. The new short film shows the urgency of the Diocese of Phoenix to confront head on today’s crisis in masculinity.

With regards to this crisis highlighted by the film, Michael Phelan, director of the Marriage and Respect Life Office said, “Historical circumstances have periodically devastated families, but we have never seen the disparagement of masculinity and fatherhood, or abandonment of men’s responsibilities that we are seeing now. It calls for an unprecedented response from the Church.”

Earlier this month Bishop Olmsted said in a statement, “I encourage our men to discover or rediscover their identity as men in Christ.”

View A Call to Battle below and read Bishop Olmsted’s apostolic exhortation Into the Breach at


Texas Grand Jury Indicts Creators of Planned Parenthood Videos

Texas Grand Jury Indicts Creators of Planned Parenthood Videos

From Catholic News Agency:

A Houston grand jury on Monday indicted the leaders behind the undercover videos which exposed Planned Parenthood’s role in offering fetal tissue for compensation. The grand jury had been investigating alleged misconduct by Planned Parenthood.

David Daleiden, project lead at the Center for Medical Progress, and fellow worker Sandra Merritt were indicted Jan. 25 on a second-degree felony charge of “tampering with a governmental record.”
Daleiden was also indicted for a misdemeanor charge of “purchase and sale of human organs,” according to Brian M. Rosenthal of the Houston Chronicle.

The Center for Medical Progress issued a statement saying it “uses the same undercover techniques that investigative journalists have used for decades in exercising our First Amendment rights to freedom of speech and of the press, and follows all applicable laws. We respect the processes of the Harris County District Attorney, and note that buying fetal tissue requires a seller as well. Planned Parenthood still cannot deny the admissions from their leadership about fetal organ sales captured on video for all the world to see.”

Read the full story at Catholic News Agency.

Weekend of Life: Walk for Life West Coast and OneLife LA

Weekend of Life: Walk for Life West Coast and OneLife LA

Friday marked the 43rd anniversary of the Supreme Court decision Roe vs. Wade, which made abortion legal in all 50 states.  On Saturday, tens of thousands of people took to the streets of San Francisco and Los Angeles to stand against abortion and for the unborn.

The Walk for Life in San Francisco featured speakers Obianuju Ekeocha, founder and president of Culture of Life Africa which rejects international aid tied to anti-life initiatives; and David Deleiden, the citizen journalist whose undercover videos recorded Planned Parenthood officials trafficking in the parts of aborted babies. Obianuju Ekeocha said during her speech in Civic Center Plaza:

“They tell us the lie that women– in order to have opportunities and in order  for us be successful– we must have abortion rights. I stand here before you not just as a black person or an African person. I stand here before you as a woman to say we should never have to buy success with the blood of our babies.”

OneLife LA also took place in Los Angeles, drawing more than 15,000 people to celebrate the dignity and value of all human life. Speakers at OneLife LA included Nick Vujicic, who travels around the world sharing his powerful story of challenges and blessings despite being born without limbs; Millicent “Mama” Hill, a local hero and retired LAUSD school teacher who founded Mama Hill’s Help out of her living room to keep kids off the street. Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles said of the event:

“OneLife LA means sharing the love of God with others – especially those who are poor and forgotten, and those who are alone and excluded. With God’s love – there are no boundaries, no borders, no barriers. Let’s keep building our friendships and together let us build a Los Angeles that welcomes life and serves life and celebrates life.”

Immaculate Heart Radio broadcast live from both events. In San Francisco we weathered the rain…


And enjoyed the sunshine as hosts Ed Horodko and Bob Dunning interviewed pro-life leaders and aired the speeches during the pre-walk rally.











In Los Angeles hosts Don Johnson and Cy Kellett also interviewed pro-life leaders, including Archbishop Jose Gomez of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

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It was an honor to take part in these wonderful pro-life events. We pray that more people will see the beauty, dignity, and value of human life at all stages.