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The Patrick Madrid Show, July 29, 2015 -Hour 1

Patrick MadridOn today’s show:

  • Planned Parenthood and our throwaway culture
  • Yemen’s missiles are North Korean imports
  • Boy in Maryland becomes the youngest patient to receive double hand transplant
  • 3 year old child classified as terror risk in London
  • Franklin Graham calls for end of Muslim immigration
  • Bipartisan push in Congress to award fallen military in Chattanooga
  • Callers on immigration

Right Here, Right Now, July 28, 2015 -Hour 2

ca-1500ppodcastOn today’s show:

  • Dollar-matching donations. Pro-life “catholics”, non-negotiables as a Catholic.
  • Boy Scouts decision: What will the fallout be? Civil law: Must we obey all of them? Which laws can we disobey?
  • City of Seattle’s strict rules on garbage composition; inspectors audit garbage. Fines levvied. Prosecutorial abuse and wrongful convictions revisited.
  • Church teaching on authority, laws. Right reason, from God, must prevail.



Heart to Heart with Mother Miriam, July 28th, 2015

mtr-miriam-podcast-320On today’s show:

  • Why do we suffer?
  • Caller: I’ve broken up with a man I hoped to marry, who wanted me to leave my Catholic Faith
  • Caller: Why is there so much suffering in the world?
  • Caller: I dated a Jew once; his parents said they’d consider him “dead” if I married him.
  • I’m 8, and I’m going to be a priest when I grow up; can you recommend any resources for me?
  • Caller: When the Apostles’ Creed says He rose “again”, what does “again” mean? When we die and meet Jesus, will our souls know what our eternal fate is?