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Setting Things Right Podcast for Feb. 5, 2014

This episode of Setting Things Right show discusses how to reach out to and heal the victims of the Sexual Revolution. Guests include, in studio, Jennifer Roback Morse and Jennifer Thieme, and by phone, Alana Newman and Bill Duncan. Topics

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Setting Things Right for Jan. 22, 2014

This  episode of Setting Things Right show shines a light on the pro-life movement as the nation remembers 55,000,000 lost children in the 41 years following the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court Decision that legalized abortion in all 50 States. 

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Right Here, Right Now Podcast for Mar. 17, 2014

On today’s show… What is the relationship that the “All Seeing Eye” has to Freemasonry? (Why Catholics Cannot be Masons, John Salza) What is the New Age movement? Why don’t Catholic Apologists go on the offensive like Protestants do? Is

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