Terry’s Story

Dear Immaculate Heart Radio,

Recently, I wrote to you from Pelican Bay Prison about how I barely received your signal from Sacramento.

Well, I have been transferred to Vacaville, where I receive 1620 AM and 1230 AM very well! I was wondering if I could receive your monthly radio schedule on a regular basis. I would be most grateful. My favorite speakers are Scott Hahn, Tim Staples, Rosalind Moss, and of course, Bishop Sheen. I want to make sure I always catch their shows.

This transfer was a blessing – I requested it to be near my mom who’s health is poor. These requests are denied 99.9% of the time, but mine was granted! Now, I can visit her, and I can hear Catholic Family Radio, too. So I’m very happy (relatively speaking).

I hope you can grant my request for a monthly schedule. Thank you for your time reading all my letters. I hope you had a joyful Easter. God bless you.

Yours In Christ,


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