Setting Things Right Podcast for August 6, 2013

Setting Things RightToday’s show is “Open-Line-Wednesday.“  Topics discussed with in-studio guest, Marioly Galvan, the Associate Director of the Office for Evangelization and Catechetical Ministry in the Diocese of San Diego, include:

  • Mental Illness and Catholic Youth,
  • A conversation with Sarah Saccone, Program Director for Lamb of God Maternity Home, on the new documentary film by Nathan Leon, “The Sidewalk Chronicles,”
  • Forming a correct conscience on issues of policy and law,
  • Rendering to Caesar and following the will of God, which comes first,
  • The September 13th Church Ministers Conference of the Diocese of San Diego,
  • Causes for the refugee migration of women and children from Central and South America, and
  • The importance of the work of a bishop in being present to the people of his diocese.


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