Pope Francis’ Pro-Life Message

Photo credit: Stefano Rellandini/Reuters

Photo credit: Stefano Rellandini/Reuters

Thousands of pro-life advocates throughout the country are preparing to March for Life this month, as January 22nd marks the 41st anniversary of legalized abortion in America.

The Catholic Church is widely regarded as the leading force of the pro-life movement, but in the 10 months since being elected, Pope Francis has been less outspoken about abortion than his predecessors. Catholic News Service has an excellent article by Francis X. Rocca on how Pope Francis is showing “a new way to be pro-life.”

The article addresses Pope Francis’ comparative silence on the issue of abortion:

“The pope’s comparative reticence on abortion became evident to many observers a few months into his pontificate. … Among people used to regarding the pope as the world’s foremost advocate for the unborn, his silence was disquieting.”

But the article also gives examples of when and how Pope Francis has spoken out against abortion, and that his holistic approach to Catholic social teaching could lead those who are pro-choice to question their assumptions.

 “If any public figure today is capable of persuading large numbers of people outside the pro-life ranks to change, or at least open, their minds on the question, it is Pope Francis.”

As we pray in a special way for the protection of the unborn this month, let us also pray for the courage to follow Pope Francis and embrace life in all its stages and situations. As Rocca writes:

“There is another way, at least as important, in which Pope Francis acts a witness for life: the countless images of him embracing, kissing and caressing people with crippling or disfiguring injuries or diseases. No verbal argument could more powerfully refute the eugenic mentality behind the culture of abortion than the sight of a pope passionately celebrating human lives that many would insist are not worth keeping.

For the full article, head over to Catholic News Service.

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