Facing Infertility: Insight and Support

Photo source: CatholicMom.com

Photo source: CatholicMom.com

When you pull into the church parking lot on Sunday, it is not uncommon to encounter a sea of minivans (or 12-passenger vans) and a stream of children entering the church with their parents. One thing that makes Catholic marriages unique is that during the wedding ceremony, Catholic spouses vow to “accept children lovingly from God,” and the Church teaches that procreation is one of the primary ends of marriage.

However, many couples are not able to conceive children, due to primary or secondary infertility, or are not able to carry their baby to term due to miscarriage. These couples often battle infertility silently, and those who are close to them may not know the best ways to support them in their struggle.

Recently, Catherine Boucher posted an important series on CatholicMom.com about “The Cross of Infertility.” Catherine interviewed her friend Amanda Teixeira, who gave a glimpse into the life of a couple facing infertility. The 4-part series includes:

Part 1: Introducing the Series and Amanda
Part 2: Understanding How Infertility Feels
Part 3: What NOT to Do When Your Loved One is Facing Infertility
Part 4: How to Encourage a Couple Facing Infertility

If you or someone you know is facing infertility, be sure to check out the series!

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