Become “Momnipotent” in the New Year

Danielle Bean, author and mother of eight

Danielle Bean, author and mother of eight

Are you a mom looking for a little peace and joy in the New Year? Or do you know a mom looking for an online community to share the joys and struggles of motherhood?

If so, check out the new series “120 Days to Momnipotence  by Ascension Press and Danielle Bean. This free program is an e-mail subscription in which you will receive a  short daily reflection and a question to help you discover your own “Momnipotence.” After the reflection, there is an opportunity to discuss the topic of the day with other Catholic moms from around the country!

But what is “Momnipotence,” you ask?

Mom-ni-po-tent: (adj)

  1. Possessing a certain special array of gifts, given by God and lived out in particular through the vocation of motherhood, that bless the family and the world.
  2. Having the ability to find lost socks, make dinner, break up fights, soothe tears, answer upwards of 1000 questions per day, and wipe noses like a ninja.

If you’re interested in this program – or know someone who would be – sign-up for the 120 Day Challenge!

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