Santa Claus vs. St. Nicholas Round-up

Santa Claus vs. St. Nicholas Round-up

real st nicholasHappy Feast of St. Nicholas!

When most people (especially children) think of Christmas, they think of Santa Claus. The jolly, bearded man dressed in red is hard to miss this time of year, but it is less commonly known that the origin of Santa Claus is St. Nicholas , a 4th century bishop, known for his courage and generosity. It is from the legends of St. Nicholas that the figure of Santa Claus came about.

Among Christians, there is some debate as to whether telling children about Santa Claus is lying – or even a good idea. Is it a sin? Will it cause your children to lose their faith in God? Does it make you a jerk if you don’t go along with the Santa Claus custom?

Whether you are for it, against it, or just interested in hearing how others view the topic, we’ve got a round-up of different thoughts and opinions on jolly old St. Nick. Check out the links below for more!

  • Patrick Madrid recently spent an entire hour of “Right Here, Right Now” taking calls on the Santa vs. St. Nicholas question. Listen to the full show here.
  • Matthew Warner took a look at the storytelling aspect of Santa Claus in a post at The Radical Life.
  • Mark Shea tackled a reader’s question about the morality of the Santa story at the National Catholic Register last year.
  • Marcel LeJeune took a look at both sides of the argument in a post at Aggie Catholic.
  • Haley Stewart shared how her family celebrates the feast of St. Nicholas in her post at Carrots for Michaelmas.
  • This post at Slow Church has the great G.K. Chesterton’s take on Santa Claus

And no matter your opinion on Santa Claus, it is still the feast of St. Nicholas – so let us pray that through the intercession of St. Nicholas we may be as courageous, generous and holy as he was! And because Catholics like to celebrate with food, check out this site for some traditional (and yummy!) recipes.