Right Here, Right Now Podcast for Sept. 9, 2013

Right Here, Right Now with Patrick Madrid PodcastOn today’s show…

  • Why is receiving Holy Communion in the hand allowed?
  • How can I reconcile unsavory elements of pop culture, most specifically rock music? (Music and Morals, Basil Cole)
  • Is there a book that lays out the Bible in chronological order? (Inside The Bible: An Introduction to Each Book of the Bible, Kenneth Baker)
  • What is the Church’s teaching on modesty on what women wear?
  • Can prayer be invalid?
  • Comment on the reaction of men when they see immodestly dressed women
  • How can we react to a Priest’s sedevacantist stance?
  • When we begin reading the Bible, should we start with the Old or New Testament? (A Year with the Bible, Patrick Madrid)
  • Is it against Catholic teaching to have weight loss surgery? (Life Issues, Medical Choices, Janet E. Smith, Christopher Kaczor)
  • Do you support gay marriage?


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