Pope Francis excommunicates priest who advocated for women’s ordination and same-sex marriage

061203_priest_genericA Catholic priest in Australia was excommunicated by order of Pope Francis for illicitly offering Masses and preaching in support of women’s ordination and same-sex marriage, which go against the teaching of the Church.

Father Greg Reynolds of Melbourne resigned as a parish priest in 2011, thereby forfeiting his priestly faculties, and founded “Inclusive Catholics,” a group that advocates for same-sex marriage and allows women to lead religious services. Reynolds was told that in 2012, someone contacted the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith after attending one of the women-led religious services where the visitor’s dog was reportedly fed “consecrated bread.”

It is unknown whether the consecrated bread was, in fact, the Holy Eucharist, but the incident is what reportedly led to the order of excommunication. The letter announcing the excommunication was written in Latin and dated May 31 of this year.

Read the full article at the National Catholic Register.

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