Final Footnote: Catholic wisdom for college students

final footnoteMarcel LeJeune, campus minister at St. Mary’s Catholic Center at Texas A&M University, has a great series on his popular blog, Aggie Catholics, called “The Final Footnote.”  Based on the concept of “The Last Lecture Series,” where professors are asked to give a presentation as if it were their last lecture, LeJeune asked popular Catholic bloggers to write, in 500 words or less, the most important thing they would tell college students if they had one last blog post to do it.

There have been four posts in the series so far, and each one has beautiful insights not only for college students, but people in all stages of life. If you know someone heading off – or back – to college this Fall, share this series with them!

So far in The Final Footnote:
Matthew Warner wrote about choosing and being chosen – what (and who) really matters.
Simcha Fisher wrote on reaching for the stars – and how we get there.
Taylor Marshall told us the four mistakes he made in college, and one success.
Matt Archbold guides us through making a leap of faith – and how to land in a good place.




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