Archbishop Cordileone: The Church loves and welcomes all people, especially those with same-sex attraction

archbishop cordileoneArchbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco recently issued a statement, reiterating “the Church’s love and welcome to all people, especially those who experience same-sex attraction, who often feel alienated from the Church.”  The statement was made in response to remarks Pope Francis made to journalists on his plane flight back from World Youth Day.

Cordileone referenced the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the 1986 Letter to Bishops on the Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons in affirming that Catholics should treat all people with love and respect, and any discrimination or malice toward homosexual persons is to be condemned and avoided. Cordileone said,

 “It is, indeed, a sign of a weakening of civilization when it is deemed acceptable to treat any segment of the population with anything less than the love and respect all deserve as children of God.” 

Cordileone went on to specify that the Church does not judge individuals, but does judge actions, as some acts “violate human dignity, while others make us more truly human according the image in which God originally made us.”  Regarding sexual acts, the Church has always taught that they find their purpose and proper order only in the union of a husband and wife. Outside of the marital union, these acts are sinful. Cordileone said,

“While everyone struggles with this to some degree, healthy societies encourage and support people to live in accordance with it.”

Read the full statement at The Catholic World Report.

For Catholic resources and support for those experiencing same-sex attractions, check out Courage.



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