Setting Things Right for July 17, 2013

str-podcastThe July 17, 2013 Setting Things Right show discusses the redefinition of marriage with special in-studio guest Bill May, President of Catholics for the Common Good (CCG) and call-in guests Amy Vance and Marti Martin, San Diego leaders of CCG.  Topics discussed include:

  •  A short history of CCG and its taking on of the redefinition of marriage issue,
  • Bill May’s involvement in the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ efforts on protecting marriage,
  • The authentic definition of marriage and the impact redefining marriage is having on society,
  • The importance of separating conversations about promoting natural marriage and homosexuality,
  • The compromising impact the culture is having on younger Catholics on the issue of redefining marriage,
  • The human right each child has to be brought into existence by his or her own mother and father and be raised and nurtured by them, and
  • The helpful resources that are available to San Diego Catholic institutions electing to become involved in rebuilding of a marriage-based culture.


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