Right Here, Right Now Podcast for July 24, 2013

Right Here, Right Now with Patrick Madrid PodcastOn today’s show…

  • How can I talk to my niece who is offended by her priest’s talk against same sex marriage? (50 Questions On The Natural Law, Charles Rice, Living the Good Life, Mark Lowry)
  • Clarification about Mormonism.
  • Are there female Angels?
  • How can help further my daughter’s faith?
  • How can I help my daughter, who has turned to prostitution?
  • Columbus Marian Conference is happening this weekend in Columbus, OH. Fr. Bill Casey will be main speaker.
  • Are there Bible verses that say abortion is wrong?
  • Should I attend a non Catholic wedding?
  • How did the tradition of the papal red shoes get started?
  • Will I go to Purgatory if I have gone through Confession right before I die?


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