Setting Things Right for June 5, 2013

str-podcastThe June 5, 2013 Setting Things Right show uses its Open-Line-Wednesday format taking listener calls and e-mails.  Topics discussed include:

  • Catholic institutional connection to organizations such as the Boy Scouts of America, that could possibly be in transition to accepting same sex activity as normative,
  • Pope Francis on the “Idolatry of Money,”
  • De-facto moratorium on the death penalty in California and how it impacts Catholics working to end the death penalty,
  • Historic first, a sitting president attends and speaks at Planned Parenthood Conference,
  • Wisdom of seeing the work to end the death penalty as constitutive of the pro-life movement,
  • The 2013 Fortnight for Freedom called for by the U.S. Bishops along with the kick-off celebration in San Diego at St. Pius X Parish in Chula Vista on June 20, and
  • The success of the Ruth Institute’s 2013 “It Takes a Village” four-day conference and its first annual ITAF Gala.


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