Setting Things Right for June 12, 2013

The June 12, 2013 Setting Things Right show discusses the great blessing of detention or prison ministry.  Guests include: Diane Otto, Deacon Phil Goodman of the Diocese of Orange, Charlie Bleiler, and Jose Sandoval.  Topics discussed include:str-podcast

  • How each guest found his or her way into ministering to those who are incarcerated,
  • The personal transformation experienced by those who minister,
  • How the ministry of “presence” alone can impact those incarcerated,
  • The importance of understanding the needs and plight of both the victims of crime and the family members of those incarcerated,
  • The dynamic of forgiveness in the lives of those who have committed serious crimes,
  • The role addiction very often plays in the lives of those who commit crimes , and
  • What listeners can do if they feel called to explore serving in detention ministry.


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