Strange Notions: Engaging atheists in dialogue

strange notionsA new web site,, recently launched to serve as a central place of dialogue between Catholics and atheists. What makes this site different than many others is that the goal is to ensure that the dialogue is free of the anger and nastiness that is so common in internet discussions between the two groups.

“Our goal is not to defeat anyone, embarrass them, or assault their character. Our goal is only the Truth, and to pursue it through fruitful discussion. Like Socrates, like Jesus, we embrace healthy dialogue as the path to Truth, even and especially with people we disagree with.”

The site was founded by Brandon Vogt, and he has brought together group of A-list contributors, many of whom regularly appear on Immaculate Heart Radio. The list of more than 30 contributors includes Dr. Peter Kreeft, Fr. Robert Barron, Fr. Robert Spitzer, Dr. Benjamin Wiker, Dr. Christopher Kaczor, Dr. Janet Smith, Christopher West, Jimmy Akin, Jennifer Fulwiler, Marc Barnes, Leah Libresco, Mark Shea, Tim Staples and Carl Olson. They address a broad range of topics that include God, man, atheism, morality, science, culture and history.

Check out the promo video and visit the site to take part in the conversation!

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