Setting Things Right for May 8, 2013


The May 8, 2013 Setting Things Right show examines Open Adoption with guests: Sarah Jensen, director of the Adoption Center of San Diego, Grace Dulaney, founder of the Lamb of God Maternity Home, Khadijah, a birth mother who placed her daughter, Camilla, in an adoption on April 8, 2013, and Camilla’s adopting parents, Jennifer and Rob Munro.  Topics discussed include:

  • Open adoption vs. closed adoption,
  • The successes of both the Lamb of God Maternity Home and the Adoption Center of San Diego,
  • Khadijah’s experience as a mother placing her child in an open adoption,
  • Jennifer and Rob’s experience of becoming adoptive parents in an open adoption,
  • The mystery of why abortion is routinely chosen over adoption, and
  • Why the choice of adoption best serves the needs of women who have conceived through rape and children who have been conceived through rape.
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