Setting Things Right for May 15, 2013

str-podcastThe May 15, 2013 Setting Things Right show examines the redefinition of marriage with guests: Jennifer Roback Morse, Director of the Ruth Institute, Timmerie Millington, life activist and student at John Paul the Great University, and Alana Newman, creator of the Anonymous Us Project. Topics discussed include:

  • The Anonymous Us Project, providing a safety zone for real and honest opinions about reproductive technologies and family fragmentation –,
  • The work of the Ruth Institute, helping young people not only understand the value of marriage but also how to prepare for marriage and how to defend marriage in their spheres of influence –,
  • The “It Takes a Family to Raise a Village” conference offered by the Ruth Institute,
  • The financial, political, and cultural pressures to redefine marriage,
  • How the redefinition of marriage was staged Minnesota,
  • Why young people are more susceptible to the pressures and manipulation used in the push to redefine marriage, and
  • The perfect wisdom behind the historical definition of natural marriage and why it best serves the human family.


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