Pope Francis: ‘Satan always rips us off’

Photo Source: Reuters

Photo Source: Reuters

During his daily homily, celebrating the feast of St. Matthias, Pope Francis described the paradox that it is only by losing ones life that one gains life in its fullness. He said,

“The Christian who gifts his or her life, who loses it, as Jesus says, finds it again, finds it in its fullness. And those who, like Judas, want to keep it for themselves, lose it in the end. John tells us that ‘at that moment Satan entered into Judas’ heart’. And, we must say: With Satan the payback is rotten. He always rips us off, always! “

He went on to say that those who pour out their lives as a gift for others, who “give their live for love, are never alone: they are always in the community, part of the family.” On the other hand, those who set up idols for themselves, whether money, ego or ideology, isolate themselves from the community.

“This is the drama of the isolated conscience. When a Christian begins to isolate themselves, he or she also insulates his or her conscience from the sense of community, the sense of the Church, from that love that Jesus gives us.”

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