Setting Things Right Podcast for April 10, 2013

str-podcastThe April 10, 2013 Setting Things Right show utilizes its Open-Line-Friday-on-Wednesday format to discuss:

  • The definition of restorative justice,
  • Pope Francis’ Holy Thursday Foot Washing with youth Inmates at the Casal Del Marmo Jail
  • Apparent lack of information on Catholic Social Teaching in RCIA programs,
  • The importance of promoting the virtue of Chastity in reducing abortion and other societal ills,
  • What the term “good Catholic” means in relation to accepting Church teachings,
  • The lack of use of the term “sin” in relation to social and individual immorality,
  • Sexual addiction viewed as creating marginalized victims, and
  • European influence in Catholic Social Teaching and possible lack of understanding of economic freedom and subsidiarity in the U.S.A.
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