Right Here, Right Now Podcast for April 4th, 2013

Right Here, Right Now with Patrick Madrid PodcastOn today’s edition of Right Here, Right Now with Patrick Madrid:

  • Regarding Prop 8, would we be able to still get a licit civil divorce?
  • From Twitter: Why is the Church against divorce when it was acceptable in the Bible?
  • What is the Church’s interpretation of “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”
  • Why did Cardinal Dolan allow Joe Biden to receive Communion?
  • If Jesus had blood brothers, wouldn’t their lineage be followed through history?
  • I was taught as a Southern Baptist that the Holy Eucharist is cannibalism. How to argue?
  • Is the National Catholic Reporter a Vatican-approved publication?
  • An employer is not financing an anti-Catholic movie.
  • Comment on giving Joe Biden Communion
  • How should I fast if I have a chronic illness?
  • What is Jansinism?
  • 7th Day Adventists don’t believe in intercessory prayer. How to argue?

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