New Mexico seminarians learn that art goes hand in hand with the parish

New Mexico seminarian chapel

An interesting article at the Catholic News Agency’s web site gives some unique insight into the way future pastors are not only discerning their vocations, but learning to pay close attention to the articstic and cultural roots of their parish as well.

The seminarians house for discernment in Gallup New Mexico is also the home to a special chapel that houses sacred art native to New Mexico.

“It’s all along with the idea of demonstrating to seminarians how to go about seeking out the artists, encouraging, collaborating with the artists, thinking things through very carefully – what is the meaning of each aspect of the chapel, how to do things beautifully and according to the guidelines the Church gives us, following that as closely as we could, while keeping the local customs as well.”

The seminarians are learning not only beauty and importance of the local art, but the skills needed to ensure it’s paid for and done right as well.

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