Bay Area Catholic for March 23, 2013

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  • Focus on the Passion of Christ… and it’s purpose. Biblical scholar Fr. James McIlhone answers the most fundamental questions about our salvation. What is sin? What is atonement? Why did Christ’s sacrifice have to be so horrific? Fr Jim brings his Bible and his Catechism to this special half-hour segment.
  • Short reflections on Lent and Triduum by Bishop John Wester, Bishop of Salt Lake City, who as a priest, served the Archdiocse of San Francisco for many years. And by Franciscan Father Francisco Nahoe, a frequent contributor to Bay Area Catholic.
  • Some beautiful music on Christ’s love for you.
  • The Passion brought to life in the Truth and Life Audio Bible, Book of John.

All this and more to enrich your Holy Week.

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