Setting Things Right for Dec 19, 2012

The December 19, 2012 Setting Things Right show features the parish-based cancer ministry of St. Gregory the Great Church in San Diego.

Hosts Kent, Linda, and Deacon Jim, along with guests: Margaret Delgado Lynn, Will Hurley, and Josephine de Ramery, all participants in the St. Gregory Family Cancer Support Ministry, discuss:

  •  The origins of the cancer ministry,
  • The impact the ministry has had on the spirituality of families experiencing cancer,
  • The many services the ministry provides to those undergoing cancer treatment,
  • The upcoming January 17 presentation “Discovering God in the Cancer Experience” by Dr. Stephen Iacoboni, Practicing oncologist with 32 years’ experience, former agnostic, and author of The Undying Soul, and
  • The programmatic differences in various parish-based cancer ministries.

Dr. Iacoboni is interviewed live in the final segment of the show.

Download the MP3 file (right click and ‘save as’)

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