Setting Things Right Podcast for Oct. 10, 2012

The October 10, 2012 Setting Things Right show utilizes its Open Line Friday on Wednesday format.

Based on caller questions, e-mails, and recent activities related to social ministry, Kent, Linda, and Deacon Jim discuss:

  • The reason Proposition 34, which replaces the death penalty with the sentence of life without the possibility of parole, has received the formal support of the California Catholic Bishops,
  • Why the California Bishops have given support to Proposition 35, which increases penalties for perpetrators of human trafficking (modern-day slavery) in California,
  • How a homeowner might appropriately and safely handle asking a homeless guest to leave his or her home,
  • A more profound definition of Social Ministry and Catholic Social Teaching,
  • The success of passing Senate Bill 9, which will allow for the appropriate review of cases of minors who have received sentences of life without the possibility of parole, opening the door to possible reduction of sentences to life with the possibility of parole, and
  • success of the Catholic Voter Aid produced by the Office for Social Ministry.

Download the MP3 file (right click and ‘save as’)

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