Bay Area Catholic for Sept. 3, 2012

Finding an affordable Catholic college… A magazine for the Catholic young woman… Father Spitzer on what to look out for when listening to an authority

  • Looking for a college? All the Bay Area dioceses are sponsoring a Catholic College Fair to bring reps of more than 20 of them to one room in your area. Patti Collier joins us again, and she’ll fill us in about the spiritual, academic, and economic advantages of these schools over state schools. If you think Catholic universities have to be more expensive than public, Patti has a surprise for you!
  • Young women’s magazines. A Franciscan University in Steubenville alum decided to publish one for the Catholic young woman— Radiant Magazine. How is this national magazine different from the others? Rose Rea helps Catholic women live the Faith in style, and take girl talk to the next level!
  • Father Robert Spitzer is back to answer the question: should we believe what an authority says because he or she is an authority, or should we examine the facts or logic behind the statement instead?
  • All this and more on your weekly Catholic Radio Magazine for the Bay Area, with your host, Ed Horodko.

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