Homosexual Marriage: What Harm Will it Do?

Same-sex marriage is not only a hot topic in the United States, but in much of Western Europe as well. In response to this, the pro-family Iona Institute has prepared a short briefing paper on this controversial subject. The director of the Iona Institute, David Quinn, acknowledges the common question that is asked in regards to same-sex marriage is, “What harm will it do?” He responds,

The harm it would do is to the institution of marriage itself and to its chief purpose which is to commit men and women to one another and to their children. Permitting same-sex marriage would say this is no longer the purpose of marriage at all. … This is the harm same-sex marriage will do; it will utterly transform the most pro-child of all social institutions into something else.

Read David Quinn’s full comments here.

Read the full briefing by the Iona Institute here.


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