Healthcare Reform and the HHS Mandate – The Fight Goes On

With today’s Supreme Court Ruling, many Catholics are asking what this means in relation to the HHS mandate that was put into place a few months ago. The simple answer is:  The fight over religious freedom will continue as before.  The issue before the court had to do with the constitutionality of the individual requirement aspects of the Health Care Reform Act, not the HHS mandate itself.

The HHS mandate  is our primary concern. It’s not a health care issue, it’s not Red vs. Blue issue. It’s an issue of if the government can mandate a violation of conscience to religious organizations.  So the Government can levy taxes against individuals and use those taxes to require health care.  That has nothing to do with the rights of religious organizations to not provide coverage for procedures that go against their conscience.  As Jeff Fortenberry of Nebraska put it in a post on the National Review this morning before the Supreme Court ruling:

Should the individual mandate be struck down this morning by the Supreme Court, this HHS mandate will still remain “an affront to conscience” and an “erosion of religious liberty,” as Fortenberry puts it. And, whatever happens in the Court today, the HHS-mandate debate exposes a “deeply serious philosophical divide” in America today about “the limits of government”

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